@djsundog that must feel like flying an airbus without even having read the manual

@MightyPork it's very trippy tbh, not in small part because I'm still a toddler on my ergodox

@djsundog you really ought to give it a CRT screen though

@djsundog and as I'm French a bit weird to configurate to have an AZERTY keyboard 😂

@djsundog I love the simple ‘screen + ergodox’ setup. Been planning to make something similar for a while, could you tell me where you got the screen?
@djsundog Awesome! Does it have a UART on it that you are powering it by or will it work with under 12V?

@cory I'm using a 12vdc power bank to drive everything with a step-down transformer for the pi and ssd

@djsundog Oh that's neat, judging by the updates it sounds it's gonna last a good long while of mains :D

How big is the battery physically?


*puts fingers on keys*

*leans down*

*vocal approximation of motorcycle noises*

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