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note from the toot-lab: if you are currently following this account from an instance operated by Eugen, I apologize, but you've got until Friday to find another home or get used to the idea of not seeing the toot-lab anymore because I'm sick of his bullshit and I'm yeeting his gargantuan shitholes into /dev/null on Saturday morning to start my day off right.

it's not you; it's him.

thanks for understanding.

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Long ago, I thought I was special, different than everyone else, and I was surrounded by adults who reinforced that thought daily.

Eventually, I realized that I was special, different than everyone else, and so was every other person in the world.

They left out the important bit. We're each special and different and that's what makes us awesome.

I celebrate your special difference, friends, each of you. May it bring you the joy in the coming years that it has brought me getting to know each of you during the last few.


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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels 

I remember showing up over here by following the jetsam [1] of the first infosec migration across the tumultuous seas of microblogging, slightly disoriented but little worse for wear.

There was a lot of space back then. You could swing a raccoon in a circle around your head [2] without having to worry about giving someone a faceful of frenetic fur. [3] Fewer than twenty-five thousand souls inhabited this archipelago [4] at that point, gathering on a handful of islands.

I was pretty sure I was destined to be consumed [5] by those who had arrived before my cohort.

In a way, I was. I am no longer the person I was when I arrived here. I have been changed by this place. I have been changed by this ever-changing group of groups of people. I have been changed by you. [6]

Fierce storms will batter these little islands. Battles will arise. Pain and grief are by-products of interaction.

But so are laughter and cheer and warmth and contentedness.

And love.

My neighbors, the very least that I wish for each and every one of you is to find days so filled with love that there's no time for hate and nights so restful that you rise burning with the force of the sun within you.

Mend what is broken. Build shelters you need. Make mistakes and make them count. This is your world and mine and it will be exactly what we make it, but the sky is the limit if we keep looking up instead of bringing ourselves down.

Thanks for being here, thanks for being you, and thanks for listening to the rambling of a silly old dog.


[1] unbeknownst to many, stale infosec memes are extremely buoyant
[2] assuming the raccoon consented to be swung such
[3] assuming someone wasn't throwing their face at the nearest bit of fur
[4] h/t to @priryo for and @sydneyfalk for
[5] :blobnom:
[6] assuming I consented to be changed such [7]
[7] I did

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

Internet: "The network allows for various kinds of protocols that y-"

Developers: "There is only HTTP"

HTTP: "You can formulate all kind of requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELE-"

Developers: "There is only POST"


Thank you to everyone who watched our live stream last night.

It wasn't a total disaster!

You can catch the highlight reel here:

The last band to perform, Cozm & Naught, was especially enchanting. I included their last song in the highlight reel. It kicks off around the 7:22 mark, and it really was the perfect performance to end the night.

(I'm going to offer local acts I know some cash to come do a live, twenty minute TV set, acoust-ish at the coffee shop.

If you wanna do a live broadcast concert from a north GA coffee shop, or antique mall basement or attic, or maker space atrium, hit me up)

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It's been called "totally watchable"


like "early television experiments in an alternate timeline"

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@Ethancdavenport this seems like a good place to share an ascii-art fist. same license.

|_| | |-.
/ '-| | |\
( ___)'-' |
\ \ /
\ /
| |

i just remixed this image to maybe etch into my phone case and thought i'd share it around. maybe some of y'all will find it useful.

absolutely zero license or attribution, unless you're a fascist or a corporation, in which case i'll kill you.

good morning.

today we move @DoctorDeathray 's lair a lot closer to her Implements of Destruction.

you have been warned.


So! I say again, if you want to have the videos you make seen by a bunch of weirdos on the internet and a few thousand people in a couple of small towns in the north GA mountains, get in touch.

New Ellijay TV launches soon!

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Alpha version of the #netv #roku app is currently being tested locally.

It's running on two roku devices, and ... It works! It looks okay! It has roughly 75% of the functionality I want.

I'm calling this a win.

It's official- the studio I work for is shuttering in a month.

If you need or know someone who needs either:

- A Unity/C# Generalist

- A programmer with a background in music / audio technology

- An Art Hacker with gallery / museum experience

for paid work, I would deeply appreciate the connection

Boosts much appreciated.

Hey! I'm looking for a freelance android app developer.

This is one of those things that it's impossible to effectively search for.

It's a fairly small project. I could probably have it done in a few weeks myself, but who has the time these days?

Yo, this is just...silly neat. A diy sd card mixtape audio player with a 3d printed cassette tape walkman form factor.


Help request for trans couple 

Friday morning my partner was attacked and carjacked outside our home. Luckily, they are alive and the car was retrieved Saturday. Unluckily, my partner suffered two broken ankles, a nasty cut to the hand, and a human bite. I'm really just incredibly thankful they're alive as the suspect in this event is the suspect in another, even more violent crime that occurred minutes a block away.

This said, my partner can't work with two broken ankles, and we're moving this upcoming weekend. Anything helps. We're by no means destitute, but I am trying to keep our heads above water while things escalate and more bills for this event come due (medical, ambulance, car repair from the damage the asshole caused) on top of the regular bills normally split between us.

So, anything helps. Thank you




this is now a product you can buy, from me, for $7

11.5" x 3" bumper sticker. Printed on durable, thick vinyl to last through all your late night drives through Tokyo. Available now on bandcamp in a limited run of 50, ships free worldwide next week.

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Keep in mind the hopelessness you feel at times is the desired result of the capitalist society we exist in, so we don't fight it.

Every act we do, from calling it out to housing unhoused people and creating sustainable methods to how we feed each other, matters.

We are limiting ourselves if we fight how bigots fight.

And there are more of us than them.

I wrote a thing explaining what I'm working on with New Ellijay TV #NETV, and asking people to participate.

It's here fileshare.ellijaymakerspace.or

I think it sells what we're trying to build pretty well, and makes the case for why we're doing it.

If you're interested in what I'm trying to do, or struggling to understand, you're welcome to read it as well.


never had to knock on wood, but I know someone who has which makes me wonder if I could it makes me wonder if I've never had to knock on wood and I'm glad I haven't yet because I'm sure it isn't good, that's the impression that I get

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