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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels 

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this is my semi-regular yet aperiodic reminder that this place here is a distributed federated version of Callahan's as far as I can tell and that is one of the most bestest things that can be.

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

Would it be problematic for a "members only" organization of some kind that required financial dues for membership to offer the ability to offset some or all of the dues in return for volunteering to help out for x amount of time per membership period instead?

Having "add a poll" as an option when replying feels like having a button for "weird flex incoming"

The world's largest occult library now has a public online archive.

Well, there goes some more years down the book hole...

Linux question about limiting user accounts 

Really looking forward to the #pinephone and I hope I'm still using it five years after I get it.

A touchscreen knows your finger is there because it's streaming electrons into your hand and body. If you hold it there long enough you will reach capacity and completely fill up with electrons, at which point touchscreens won't be able to sense you anymore. This is how we shake off those who would oppress us.

Someone from ameridroid posted a coupon code for 10% off their pijuice solar panels for #pine64 and #pinebook community members in the irc channel recently if you're interested - irc channel is archived at

gofundme link, dog medical expenses, boosts definitely encouraged 

Back to thinking about having folk in for cofe and a chat whilst I assemble them a computer and gosh it sounds civilized.

(cc future customer @sungo )

If I could make a deal with god I would simply run up that road, run up that hill, and run up that building. In that order.

Detail shots of:

  • the button to trigger reflashing the board over usb hiding behind the back end of the audio/composite video TRRS connector

  • four holes whomst should be uart for boot-time serial output goodness

Self-hosted social media is neat because "going viral" has a cost exerted back on the point of origin, so while your photo is super popular, your network is super laggy.

Balance is maintained.

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