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note from the toot-lab: if you are currently following this account from an instance operated by Eugen, I apologize, but you've got until Friday to find another home or get used to the idea of not seeing the toot-lab anymore because I'm sick of his bullshit and I'm yeeting his gargantuan shitholes into /dev/null on Saturday morning to start my day off right.

it's not you; it's him.

thanks for understanding.

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Long ago, I thought I was special, different than everyone else, and I was surrounded by adults who reinforced that thought daily.

Eventually, I realized that I was special, different than everyone else, and so was every other person in the world.

They left out the important bit. We're each special and different and that's what makes us awesome.

I celebrate your special difference, friends, each of you. May it bring you the joy in the coming years that it has brought me getting to know each of you during the last few.


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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels 

I remember showing up over here by following the jetsam [1] of the first infosec migration across the tumultuous seas of microblogging, slightly disoriented but little worse for wear.

There was a lot of space back then. You could swing a raccoon in a circle around your head [2] without having to worry about giving someone a faceful of frenetic fur. [3] Fewer than twenty-five thousand souls inhabited this archipelago [4] at that point, gathering on a handful of islands.

I was pretty sure I was destined to be consumed [5] by those who had arrived before my cohort.

In a way, I was. I am no longer the person I was when I arrived here. I have been changed by this place. I have been changed by this ever-changing group of groups of people. I have been changed by you. [6]

Fierce storms will batter these little islands. Battles will arise. Pain and grief are by-products of interaction.

But so are laughter and cheer and warmth and contentedness.

And love.

My neighbors, the very least that I wish for each and every one of you is to find days so filled with love that there's no time for hate and nights so restful that you rise burning with the force of the sun within you.

Mend what is broken. Build shelters you need. Make mistakes and make them count. This is your world and mine and it will be exactly what we make it, but the sky is the limit if we keep looking up instead of bringing ourselves down.

Thanks for being here, thanks for being you, and thanks for listening to the rambling of a silly old dog.


[1] unbeknownst to many, stale infosec memes are extremely buoyant
[2] assuming the raccoon consented to be swung such
[3] assuming someone wasn't throwing their face at the nearest bit of fur
[4] h/t to @priryo for and @sydneyfalk for
[5] :blobnom:
[6] assuming I consented to be changed such [7]
[7] I did

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

I came home before uploading my makerspace pics and I'm sorry - daygig stuff kept me occupied for longer than I'd like (and is still not done though they now get low-bandwidth sundog for the rest of my evening, which is appropriate for a number of reasons)

I'll upload them tomorrow morning when I'm back on the makernet


Chattanooga, TN, rental assistance resources 

Just had to pull together some resources for somebody, so I figured I’d share them here:

• Chattanooga COVID rent assistance program: (844) 500-1112
• Chattanooga Housing Authority: (423)752-4893
• Chattanooga Dept of Human Svcs, Housing Counseling: 423-757-5551
• Chattanooga Human Svcs Emergency Assistance: (423) 643-6400
• Chattanooga Dept of Neighborhood Svcs & Community Development: (423) 643-7322

@djsundog if you go to notification settings dropdown thing and flip one of the browser notifications toggles off and on it should request the notifications permission

Is there a way to force mastoweb to trigger the enable notifications thing in chrome mobile or do I just have to wait for it to happen eventually?

okay, a $50 android with a prepaid plan says the death star, er, AT&T has coverage at the cabin, where T-Mobile fails.

tomorrow we'll add a cheap vzw into the mix and decide what group of assholes gets our money moving forward.

Did not get to spend a lot of time at the makerspace as Maslow said we should have groceries tonight too and we are still both beat (my wife and I, not Maslow and I), but I did meet some of the crew, including the mostly ghostly @CaptainUnderpants, pay for my monthly office rental and makerspace membership, and met my office neighbor, so I will be all set to start my work day there tomorrow morning (after a jam session of course, since my work meetings won't start before noon now).

I even made a brief inadvertent cameo on @ajroach42 's daygig zoom call when I knocked on his office door - whoops!

Very electric eclectic atmosphere in the makerspace on day 001 - super hyped!

@djsundog hmm...the fediverse is leaking into the physical realm...the boundary between realities down there is a bit porous it seems :blobthinkingcool:

This greeted us upon entry to our house, so of course I have to share with the fediverse! 🍍🍍🍍

now we gotta swing by the makerspace so I don't miss the first day entirely, and then we need to go shopping for food and supplies.

back online later!

It is done!

Sorry for the delayed gratification - we didn't have internet or cell service last night and were beat besides.

Phone company just showed up and gave us internet so we're back in business.

Thanks for following along on our adventure!

We have jumped off the interstate and are now on GA-299 to detour around snarled traffic.

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