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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels Show more

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this is my semi-regular yet aperiodic reminder that this place here is a distributed federated version of Callahan's as far as I can tell and that is one of the most bestest things that can be.

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

hey what are some laptops that aren't fucking terrible but also don't cost an arm and a leg

While I'm tearing apart old BIOSses, let me state something: I'm pretty sure the Seagate 11746-501 (and its doppelganger the Future Domain TMC-950) is the least intelligent SCSI chip ever made. It makes the NCR 5380 look like a Fusion MPT.

I get to award myself a million extra cool points if I end up using the to control an electric vehicle I am piloting, and two million if it's an electric vehicle someone else is piloting first.

Okay, so the power brick in the is solid for my average use case and load for 8 hours on battery without any optimizations (or additions).

The brick weighs 500g but, if I'm willing to add the extra weight and cost (us$70), the design can be daisy-chained effectively. More likely I'll keep a juiced spare offline and use it to top off the onboard batteries if necessary when I'm anticipating an extended period mobile. discourse, hottish take Show more

I think I might oughtta should make myself a little setup to vacuum form acrylic pieces for a enclosure

@djsundog this is destined to become the cybrest of deckes

Things to potentially add to the hardware-wise: secondary display/x86-64 tablet (pending hardware modifications to tablet), hdmi and USB switching, arduino sandbox breadboard mounted at surface level (with a smoked plastic hinged cover maybe), RGB LED arrays for system status blinkenlights, 9-DOF gyro/accelerometer/compass board (definite), amp and speakers (display has some weak speakers but c'mon), pico projector (someday, but I don't have one on hand)

Today has been a day.

Take some time for yourself in the near future, yeah?

(I need a reminder for this. Maybe it will benefit someone else as well.)

Maybe for the new year I'll treat myself to some nice accent keycaps for the ergodox to make it look pretty.

idea: a bounce house that is also a treehouse

it has a good whimsy to danger ratio, as all good whimsy should

Nine days ago I said I'd start working on this next week and now you know how my scheduling works.

Trans friends, I love you. You deserve so much better than this country, this world, has given you.

I kinda like that the hashtag works as a project diary if I remember to use it

power status update: just peeked in on it at 3h50 uptime and two of 4 LEDs remain on the power bank, streaming mastodon in chromium and running htop with a wifi connection and the display on.

Definitely have room in my power budget for a bunch of blinkenlights without sweating it.

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