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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels 

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this is my semi-regular yet aperiodic reminder that this place here is a distributed federated version of Callahan's as far as I can tell and that is one of the most bestest things that can be.

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

a beautiful poster from one of sister’s students dads who is a community organizer in the outer mission in sf.

The FidoNet chapter from BBS: The Documentary (2004) is I think required viewing for fediverse admins.

Bulletin board services (BBSes) were pre-web online communities with forums, mail, games, etc. FidoNet was/is basically a volunteer-run federation layer that let BBSes communicate with each other.

The video talks about FidoNet's growing pains, especially around governance & a mismatch between what users wanted and what the sysops felt was required to maintain the net.

Ascii art 

@djsundog A tool lending library is always a nice addition, but I don't see them that frequently for whatever reason.

@djsundog As an apartment dweller, I break down my cardboard for recycling and occasionally invite people who live on my floor over for drinks.

It doesn't take much!

just raked all the leaves out of the storm drain three houses down so the moat in the intersection will drain.

remember, folks, nice places to live don't need more governance, just more folk with a rake (or other appropriate tool for the task at hand) and a willingness to use it for the common good.

Ahhh, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

This week I'm distracted by some code I need to extricate from my brain, so I am once again invoking the power of the patron of the season, Saint Vince, to carry me through.

If the Guaraldi Zone sounds like a home for the tones your soul moans, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying

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We will not be free, nor shall the earth be healed, until we have rejected and eradicated the threefold tyranny of church, state, and capital.

Clearout prices on 250 watt ashley stereo amplifiers. I... miscalculated. Holy... ogod. About to pick up another load of at least this many from a movie theater. Not enough shelves to store them all. $50+shipping.

yes but when will we vote for the next Gargron? #mastodev

looks like SOMEONE got its paws on the unofficial giant bomb discord's #ExtraLife stream schedule!!!

join us for 69 hours of playing video games for charity, and don't forget to donate!

I stayed up for 23 hours yesterday, but I finally ordered my #pinephone

A memorial service will be held this afternoon for my sleep schedule. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to someone in the fediverse asking for help.



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