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waxing nostalgic for the near future by way of the near past - 2000 chars, involves feels Show more

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this is my semi-regular yet aperiodic reminder that this place here is a distributed federated version of Callahan's as far as I can tell and that is one of the most bestest things that can be.

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Every one of you is precious and wonderful and unique and necessary and deserving of life and love and peace.

Anything your brain does to try to convince you otherwise is a mean trick.

Please try to remember this. Remember it unceasingly.

:blobnotlike: blocking ads is evil grr
:blobuwu: HTTP is a pull-based medium. it is within the original philosophy of HTTP to selectively pull the data, for example, a device that doesn't support images won't download them. by circumventing ad "blocking", you are spitting in the face of HTTP. a more accurate term would be ad rejection. ads are not "blocked", they are simply not asked for.

Any sufficiently hyped technology is indistinguishable from crap.

@djsundog ... writing a Lisp interpreter, made out of ✨​ magic ✨​.

What you have to understand is that every reasonably complicated creation of a group of humans is functionally equivalent to three partially shorn yaks in a bikeshed-colored trenchcoat.

TIL that the Cyrillic font of the Ukrainian cover of Harry Potter books makes his name look, to the Latin alphabet conditioned eye, like “Rappi Hottep,” which sounds like a hilarious AI generated MC’s monicker.


hey cis people

you can choose a new name for yourself too if you don't like the one you were given

it's allowed

this is a life hack by Amber


Got me an email offering me some of that sweet sweet ad economy cash if I'm willing to sell some paid placement toots in the ever-lucrative "hashtag diy" digital marketplace!

“Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

Post limits could be over 250,000 characters.

The network layer was called sneakernet. It was high latency, but it had such high bandwidth for images that text was rendered visually prior to transmission


sadly none of the linux video editing programs are usable on Reform (performance issues). so i wrote a tiny tiny one with python+gstreamer. based around seeking and a cut-list text file that’s constantly updated. codec is DNxHD, cutting backend ffmpeg.

@djsundog every book is a post on a very old social network called "the library"

Speaking of DIY skills and such, I think soap and bread are two of the top "it's easier* than it sounds" things you can make and enjoy a direct, material benefit from.

For example, I used to think you needed a bread machine to make bread. Then I realized, "That can't be right. People have made bread for thousands of years."

I think the process of making things like that has become kind of obscured from us in modern life. But you really can just go out and Make A Thing.

you: how come every time you sip on your straw your file transfer speeds up?


It's important to note that when I release free software, it is neither free as in gratis nor free as in libre; rather it refers to "Free!", the sports anime about a high school men's swimming team

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