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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab

where are the alternative branches of processor architecture waiting in the wings to leap upon this very bad (yet still overblown) vulnerability in the dominant strain?

they were market losers, and we have built markets that kill losers dead.

lacks of diversity evidence themselves /everywhere/ in our technology industry, and lacks of diversity cause systemic fragility.

I encourage you to start looking for ways to make your life more diverse in every aspect. Me too.

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Maybe the belt architecture isn't doomed after all


Pfft. Only young, growing markets kill losers dead.

Once a market grows up, consolidation, monopoly and oligarchy are the winning strategy!

Coke and Pepsi could be caught putting rat poison in their product and still remain dominant.


If my main home server got compromised by a recent CPU exploit, replacing it with a cluster of #RaspberryPi would suddenly look pretty good to me.

(I'm aware that some ARM CPUs are also vulnerable, but where Intel basically shoehorned this misfeature into every CPU, ARM only included it in a handful, and the Pi's CPU isn't one of them.)