@djsundog you're in for a fun friday afternoon, I see :D


I used to go into the schools lab when I was a teenager early in the mornings to fire-up msdos 6.x. I would have one computer designated to read to msdos help pages on commands.. And the other pcs around me to test commands on.

Anyway, it took 3 computers of deleting the primary partition on to fully understand what fdisk's purpose was for after making them unbootable. I was convinced that maybe I was using the command improperly.

After, I understood what a partition was :)

@djsundog The schools network admin forced me to reinstall the OS on those guys. But chaining floppy's from one machine to the other, made it fun. It was a win win for me because I hadn't ever installed an OS before, ohhhh was that ever exciting for me.

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