elevator pitch: it's a bash script that assembles video entries from a collection of rss feeds into a "local access UHF television station" stream at crappy resolution, with optional custom titling of the videos and station idents via json or some bullshit, updated every 24 hours with a new rotation of videos for the broadcast day

@djsundog lose the bash nonsense and this tenner in my pocket is yours bashisms aside, this is the perfect candidate for a tiny shell script. three lines, max. you grok for mp4's or whatever, idk how rss presents this sort of media, shovel it in to vlc (telling it to randomize it, ofc), and vlc already lets you control the transcoding process.

all that being said, i've never once gotten vlc transcoding to work whatsoever. so. good luck with that poorly drawn diagram on the back of a napkin.

@purple @djsundog Might need a few more lines to handle edge cases and errors, but RSS is XML so a tool like xmllint or possibly even awk could handle extracting the file URIs, then you just need to fetch them, run them through an encoder, and package the resulting info for publication.

@djsundog Sadly, the appropriate station identifier for this venture is already taken:

@djsundog That's the hellish thing jwz keeps running for his bar video. Apparently breaks all the time.

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