untitled goose game go

a bunch of people wandering the world making their phones honk at each other

you don't log in

there's no server

there's no app

it doesn't use GPS or augmented reality

you just see someone else with their phone out and you play a honk sound and see if they honk back

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@djsundog like pokemon go, would be immediately banned by teachers

@djsundog I got Goose Game Go Plus (G3+) so I can play without having to open my phone. It has most of the same features and saves on battery life!

@bunnyjane cross-platform gameplay was clearly an important goal from the onset of the dev process

@djsundog I'm kinda thinking if you make some art and sounds (probably more than just a goose sound so Panic doesn't sue?), I could bang up an iOS app (or PWA, probably easier than fighting with Xcode).

@djsundog i couldn't find the app so i just said "honk" and it's nice not even needing to take your phone out

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