Pro tip: the best way to prevent Google from scanning your emails is to stop using Gmail and then convince everyone you know to also stop using Gmail.

(says someone who is still forced to use at least three different Gmail accounts - the struggle is real, yo)

@djsundog Thankfully I don't use GMail for any of my mail, I just have to have the account to make my phone work. So I am hoping for the day when @Purism releases their phone :)

(Work gave people the /option/ of using GMail, but as far as I'm concerned for a big company to switch to GMail is basically engaging in environmentally unfriendly practices as it harms the federated nature of the protocol.)


It's kind of interesting to work at a job where any member of the public can request my emails at any point; it certainly changes how I approach my work email as well as my personal email (which is of course Gmail). Outside of spinning up my own server to run a personal email service, is there a way to avoid an email account visible to a company? I mean, even Protonmail is run on ProtonMail servers, right?

@fobo ultimately, yeah, you gotta trust somebody or you gotta be the somebody with the current state of the internet. Incremental improvements are better than none though, so protonmail is definitely a more trustworthy option in my opinion.

@djsundog I’ve been slowly separating the saucer section. It’s a mechanically easy task made unexpectedly hard by aggressively polite ecosystems and sunk emotional cost.

@djsundog Word. I own my own domain and pay a commerical email service, but still end up conversing with so many Gmail users (or even people whose employer/university has outsourced mail to Google) that they probably still get to data mine a depressing quantity of my mail.


At that point just stop using email. Literally no one is more secure. That's the truly depressing part about it.

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