an activitypub implementation in forth in which the source code reads as a tutorial for implementing activitypub

@djsundog Is somebody actually working on this?

@h not that I know of, yet, but I am definitely considering an activitypub implementation in forth on baremetal pi and would hope it would be done well enough to serve as a tutorial when it was done - it will definitely be a goal.

@h of course, I haven't sat down to write any serious forth in well over 20 years and probably closer to 30 at this point so we'll see how it goes ;)

@djsundog Please let me know if somebody starts, I want to join!

@h @djsundog Is there a minimal Forth OS on baremetal Raspberry Pi that can, eg, read from a USB keyboard, put coloured text on HDMI, and read/write files to USB flash and SD card?

Cos I would be all over that if I could get one...

(and if I could annoy my wife long enough to switch the TV's input over to the Pi)

@djsundog @h and I also don't really know any Forth but it just feels like the fastest way to get *something* interactive happening on a baremetal tiny machine

@h @djsundog ugh I guess it would also be great if it had some kind of minimal TCP/IP stack in it and also some kind of Internet-based module and package management system that was easily revertible....

@djsundog @h but given a choice between

1) machine code
2) Forth
3) Linux

it seems like 2) might hit the sweet spot of 'minimal yet extensible'?

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