@djsundog here, introducing a new account in the toot-lab

This is where I'll be talking about my experiences building , a 3d printer, according to the specifications developed by @qwazix and described at rosalind.xyz

Feel free to follow along if you are so inclined!

@rosalind @djsundog
I'm planning to build one as well. Time just isn't on my side.

@djsundog @oranje @rosalind btw I can print the parts and mail them to you, just dm me an address.

@qwazix @oranje @rosalind thank you very much for the offer - let me have a quick chat with my 3d-printer-owning next-door neighbor this weekend and see if I can do it locally instead though (no reason for excessive international shipping if it is avoidable, right? :blobpats: )

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