@djsundog it's the best way to protect it, really. dust and crud will never get on it again!

@lyliawisteria and when you start to hit the wall mid-afternoon a quick lick will balance out your blood sugar and get your day back on track!

@djsundog I sort of want to know what is happening here... and I also sort of don't

I like how you leave steps 1-6 to the imagination. In my version, there’s various substeps to each step, and one of them involves taking a bubble bath with a bottle of champagne and sun glasses.

@djsundog It won't be very long before we start seeing videos like this, except instead of Buicks, it'll be Cyberdecks. ;) youtube.com/watch?v=vcLzlcC8fm

@djsundog I tried to find one for Mazda, but I couldn't. Oh well.

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