while i'm going on about jpop, here's my faves perfume performing the superior Hold Your Hand (this is a short version of the song)


this was one of their first songs where i felt like their producer stepped away from majorly processing their voices so you can actually hear their normal voices

as comparison, here's their biggest hit. they sound SO computerized and processed and flattened in this song it's kind of shocking. they sounded like some degree of this for a long time. i mean, i enjoy it, it fits their sound, but hold your hand is SO different.



so in the comments of that video of polyrhythm i saw comments that said "adam neely sent me here"

adam neely being a jazz musician youtuber who's p cool

and it turns out he made this cool-ass video called "mixing jazz with j-pop" about this group called the j-music ensemble

their leader is a huge perfume fan. and they performed a *jazz cover of polyrhythm.*


so of course seeing the like ten seconds of that performance in this video i was like "JAZZ POLYRHYTHM NEED GIVE NOW AKJHJGJSHDB"

anyway here it is. it is. amazing.


@djsundog i'm curious what you might think of this a someone who is a much bigger jazz aficionado than me and (i think) doesn't know the song it's covering (i mean, maybe you do, i don't know your life)


@xyzzy I dig it (and you're correct, I'm not familiar with the source material directly)

Japan kept the jazz fusion and prog rock sounds alive (and the musicians fed) long after the USians lost interest. Speaking for myself, if you packaged all your j-pop as fusion arrangements (like Scott Bradlee for j-pop) I'd probably eat it up.

@djsundog it honestly is basically a scott bradlee style arrangement. as someone who does know the original song, that cover was like actually super faithful to it.

it just makes me so happy to see people taking jpop seriously. it just feels like something people scoff at but like. it's good music i swear! i didn't even get into it from anime! i got into because i listened to some and was like wow! this is good music! :P

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