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I have an x-axis! (with rails that need to be shortened slightly before having bearings added)

Printed the template for the base but don't have any plywood that matches on hand, so we'll be keeping our eyes on the curbs for the weekend.

I have angle fasteners, so we may be assembling my frame this weekend - exciting times!

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openscad on Manjaro ARM on the Pinebook has rendered the needed angle brackets, ready to be printed for frame assembly!

Acquired: 12 x 400mm 2020 t-slot aluminum and some assorted M5 bolts, screws, and nuts.

Current status: building openscad from source on my pinebook like a rube.

Just briefly introduced my wife to via the website.

She approves; "much more your style than an off the shelf model."

Also her: "how much? that's not bad at all."


@djsundog here, introducing a new account in the toot-lab

This is where I'll be talking about my experiences building , a 3d printer, according to the specifications developed by @qwazix and described at

Feel free to follow along if you are so inclined!

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