My first 100% completed print, some 5mm calibration cubes!

Got a lil sloppy up top and had a couple hiccups, but it got printed!

@rosalind and actionable data to analyze and apply to future improvements! good job, printerbot!

Getting @rosalind to this point from my previous failed prints consisted of taking apart and reassembling the bed to try to make it less shaky, swapping in a longer bearing on the z axis rod to try to make it less shaky, re-tightening the belts to try to take out some x/y slop between layers, and moving to an aluminum extruder assembly on tall boi, because my printed parts were flexing under load.

Still some bed movement issues, and some frame vibration that needs tightening up, but all in all, we're getting damned close.

Oh, also moved @rosalind off the folding table used during the build process and onto my much more stable and anchored to concrete workbench.

@oranje ah, no lol - the workbench, which is wood, is anchored to concrete, at the floor and wall with huge bolts, and it was here when we moved in to my luck

Now I reread your toot and that makes sense. But now my mind is trying to figure out how to make a concrete workbench. I have seen some poured-in-place concrete counter tops that were stained and polished. Beautiful and tough as rocks, literally.

@rosalind now you just need to print a tiny Qbert to hop around on that.

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