Printed the template for the base but don't have any plywood that matches on hand, so we'll be keeping our eyes on the curbs for the weekend.

Of course, once I had two shortened, I had enough for my first side assembly!

I have angle fasteners, so we may be assembling my frame this weekend - exciting times!

openscad on Manjaro ARM on the Pinebook has rendered the needed angle brackets, ready to be printed for frame assembly!

Acquired: 12 x 400mm 2020 t-slot aluminum and some assorted M5 bolts, screws, and nuts.

Current status: building openscad from source on my pinebook like a rube.

Just briefly introduced my wife to via the website.

She approves; "much more your style than an off the shelf model."

Also her: "how much? that's not bad at all."


@djsundog here, introducing a new account in the toot-lab

This is where I'll be talking about my experiences building , a 3d printer, according to the specifications developed by @qwazix and described at

Feel free to follow along if you are so inclined!

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