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the current x86 situation demonstrating at least three of the three hard problems in computer science:

naming things
cache invalidation
off-by-one errors
capitalism fucks everything up

I hear there are still companies that have nothing to do with computers at all.

for the record, we do compost a bit here at the Sundogistani Consulate, as well as grow a bit of our own food when the local beasties allow us to get some of it.

I plan to increase it this year, see if little by little I can't build a more integrated life for us.

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@djsundog I was a farmer before I was an engineer. I have the feeling that I will be a farmer again before too much longer.

@djsundog We need more design "lathing and milling" specialists, fewer software "engineers".

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like, computers are tools.

we have a field of study and an industry juggernaut that amounts to "tool using and refining industry" and that seems pretty ludicrous?

I get closer to talking myself into farming every heckin minute, I should slow down before I start composting.

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computers are funked
. lets chuck (throw) them into a river

& go boogie

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As a systems administrator it's important for me to guide other tech kids on the best way forward.

So, as The Smart Girl, I suggest:
Panic. All computers are terrible. Destroy it with a hammer and free yourself from the shackles of modern technology. Frolic in the fields and be safe!

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computers mess up your head & try to turn YOU into a computer. and i wont stand for it. weve gotta fight back the one way we can - boogie down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where are the alternative branches of processor architecture waiting in the wings to leap upon this very bad (yet still overblown) vulnerability in the dominant strain?

they were market losers, and we have built markets that kill losers dead.

lacks of diversity evidence themselves /everywhere/ in our technology industry, and lacks of diversity cause systemic fragility.

I encourage you to start looking for ways to make your life more diverse in every aspect. Me too.

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