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K&R is now free! #C #programming

This really is a great book, anyone who does any sort of programming should read it. It's not very long but really gives you an understanding of the fundamentals of C.

it warms my heart to see so many people pissed at the idea of paying more for patreon's swank SOMA office space in san francisco

when I was a kid, my dad borrowed some telco gear from an acquaintance and the two of us set up a tiny POTS CO routing phone calls between the rooms of our house so I would be able to see how the phone system worked.

dad would have dug y'all.

"Net neutrality allowed me to invent the web without having to ask for permission. In a matter of days, the FCC could vote to reverse #NetNeutrality protections. Call your representatives. Tell them to keep the internet open!"

TBL is a tragic figure. His endorsement of the EME standard this year makes his now standing up for net neutrality seem hollow and hypocritical. Even if the internet remains relatively neutral probably more content will get locked down with EME and I doubt it will be strictly limited to video. A locked down web is not an open space for collaboration and sharing between the world's citizens.

This year I think there has been more soul searching about the future of the internet. What direction should it take? Is the currently situation hopeless and best abandoned to be replaced by something new? The current forces in play seem to be directed on a path towards the destruction of everything we value.

I was made aware of #twitterevacuationday over on birdsite by @paulfree14. Perhaps today some of you who still have 🐦 accounts can chime in to the hashtag with your experiences on 🐘

If you need sleep, then sleep. Don't sacrifice eating to continue working. If you start feeling irritable take a break for while.

Your well being is an integral part of whatever you are trying to build. It is absolutely necessary to prioritize your wellness not only for your work, but just for your day to day.

We all make sacrifices for what we believe, and that's cool. However your wellness should not be one of them.

Do whatever you need to do to maintain that. It's fucking worth it. Trust.

oh, the humanity of living on the edge - I can either have the glitch-soc DM column or the tootsuite lists but not the glitch-soc DM column and tootsuite lists simultaneously.

the year is 2283.

I have been diligently precompiling the assets of my tribe for thirty-three years.

Morning, lovely people. No need to rush today. Slow and steady is undefeated. Take your time.

Every morning I wake up and OPEN PALM SLAM a VHS into the slot. It's the music video to the Talking Heads' Once In a Lifetime, and right then and there I start doing the moves alongside David Byrne. Not many can say they've found themselves in a beautiful house but I can.

"Tina Weymouth provided an unbelievably funky, exuberant bottom end that could keep up with Byrne’s limitless energy and demonstrated stunning technical chops — and she could dance in perfect synchronicity with the band all the while. On songs like “Heaven,” she could dial the energy down, but the emphasis on unusual beat placement and swagger always remained intact."

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Writing about music is like dancing about architecture...


@jk dogs, coyotes and foxes are the same thing. therefore, a coyote says RINGADINGDINGDING

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