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This was THEN followed by my wife saying "I laughed, my wife laughed, the Google laughed, I shot the google"

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google and amazon are playing games with each other's userbases as pawns, zombie yahoo is suing and being sued by mozilla for sucking - it's like christmas but for folks who want to see the corporate web burn while decentralized alternatives rise from the ashes

2018: deep into hardware hacking, chosa makes

i often think like, what could I do if i went back in time to my life 5 years ago? 10 years ago? what would I do? where would I be? i'd probably really enjoy the novelty of being in a really specific part of my life, a part you only get to do once

well!!! the 10-years-in-the-future-me is also thinking this about current me, so! i'll imagine what he wants to do for a while, and do that, right now!

on further inspection it looks like there *are* recordings of slayer performing Christmas carols, and they aren't listed as "sleigher" and honestly i'm disappointed...

I woke to find my electronics in pieces. Spiders took them apart to build a machine in the attic; it whirred faintly, drawing power from crystals in grandpa's old rock collection

Does anyone here use gitea that I could bug about this ssh stuff? Because it is really bugging me and I don't know where to start trying to fix it.

@djsundog the world of chess provides many odd examples of openings being named inappropriately, none more so than the inferior Black defense 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6 (White can take the e5 pawn anyway, with advantage). A Renaissance Portuguese chess writer named Pedro Damiano mentioned the defence briefly, only to say that it's bad; nevertheless history saw fit to name it Damiano's Defence.

I am still tired but I am awake and I have a fair bit of $daygig code to wrangle today.


If we are to live in the cyberpunk world, at least give us the badass company names.

Dear Professor Zener would have been appalled that the "ESP deck" was named after him. @djsundog

why does arcgis on sles say it requires xscreensaver to run

I can attach a 2 MB photo to a toot, but not a 200 kB ebook