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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab

while i got y'all's attention:

The Space Adventures Of General Mibi is a space opera composed entirely for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth soundfont as a tribute to 90s MIDI music

it has been probably my biggest project so far

and it is now available on bandcamp!

please give it a listen if you haven't already

(or listen again, see if i care)

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I have an idea which you are about to get
A mastodon instance with toots of rhyming couplets

97% done. Nearly screwed it up with eraser smudges in the left side 🙄

I have always appreciated the fact that Fred Schneider lives in a 'verse where people keep their jukebox money separate from their other less fun money.

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So I'm trying to be a bit more ergonomic about my computer usage, but I can't figure out what to do about a keyboard. They say your hands should be lower than your elbows but I have long arms and a short torso so in order to accomplish that I would need to put the keyboard below my lap. Seriously, my elbows are below my hips. Does anyone else have this issue or know of a way to resolve it? I tend to have back and foot pain when standing in one place so I'm not sure a standing desk would work.

Man, @djsundog reminded me that Robin Trower exists, and I have been spinning his music ever since.

the only thing worse would be showing up to find a vintage computing swap meet across the street

Since we're all slamming the Tech Industry today (like we always do tho)

Here's a painting I did of Twitter, while living in San Francisco ',:3c