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I see you get on public transportation with a briefcase handcuffed to your wrist. inside the briefcase is a single item that’s quintessentially you.

what is it?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Universal Amphitheatre
Well here it is, the late nineteen seventies, going on 1985
You know so much of the music we here today is preprogrammed electronic disco
You never get a chance to hear master bluesmen practicing their craft anymore
By the year 2006 the music known today as the blues will exist only in the classical records department in your local public library
So tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
While we still can,
Let us welcome from Rock Island Illinois
The blues music from Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers

good morning.

STacy is en route with an ETA of a week from tomorrow.

I finally wrote some words about no longer needing a laptop thanks to my phone and a lapdock

Hey fediverse, can y'all help me make a decision?

I think it would be beneficial to my business from an advertising perspective to be on tiktok, but I have ethical and technical objections to tiktok.

When it comes to the makerspace, it's very easy for me to take the stance that the ethical and privacy concerns of the tiktok platform outweigh the dubious benefits it may provide.

But for the toys, the antique store, and the coffee shop, it's not like that. I need these things to be visible online, and earning money. I need people to *discover* us.

I dunno. I'm just trying to wrestle with the moral aspect of using these platforms.

And then there's the whole datamining thing. I don't want to have to maintain a separate device and account just so I can participate in tiktok, but that also seems like absolutely the only way to do so safely.

Monte Cook Games is making its Cypher System ttrpg open license! neat!

A Cult-Hit TTRPG Gets An Open License For Creators

"quantum entangled" e-ink handhelds for a shared scribblespace with a friend group

Starting at 12pm eastern at, @fm will be streaming (almost) every song ever rated as certified #yachtrock per from barely-on-the-boat to What A Fool Believes, ending around 4pm tomorrow for #YachtersDay weekend. Listen in!

@kelbot @ajroach42 @djsundog in an alternate timeline laptops have removable mechanical keyboards

@ajroach42 @djsundog Such handsome machines, even though the STacy has the dubious distinction of being the first laptop in history to have its battery door glued shut.

I need as many working 12" - 24" CRT TVs as I can lay my hands on.

If you are in or around north central GA and you're getting rid of a tube TV, think of me.

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I’ve noticed a resurgence of using “made up” as a synonym for “not real, unimportant” lately. I wonder why?

But regardless, it seems worth pointing out that many of the things that the vast majority of people find essential to their lives are entirely made up. As in, they exist only to the extent that enough people agree they exist. But they're very real and have real effects on one's life

Words are made up. Grammar and punctuation. Laws. Money. Family. Romance. Any expectations you have of friends or partners or neighbors, except those you explicitly negotiate? Made up. Nothing more than a shared fiction around what ought to be important.

And yet all very real, with real consequences based in others' perception of how you navigate them.

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