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It's okay to be messy. It's okay to be unpolished. It's okay to be a whole real person.

Good morning United Federation of Socialism.

How are you today? What are the best parts of this week so far? When is the next milestone in your life?

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Attack while they’re distracted."

(stolen from

never in my wildest dreams did I think 2022 would be the year of the human spoonipede in the fediverse, yet here we are.

Bonus; the poem this went with, "Teddy Bear" is about body acceptance, and how Edward Bear became "proud of being short and stout"
you can read it here:

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In other little known Winnie-ther-Pooh facts,
this is an illustration of Edward Bear (before he changed his name), from "When We Were Very Young", a work that is now Public Domain,

and check out that shirt!

So, your Pooh Bear can have a shirt, so long as it's a button down :D
(and yes, in a later version of this image, that shirt was colored in with red!)

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Mother’s Day, food 

now awaiting the first loaf of gluten-free bread from the bread machine I got my wife for mother’s day. hopefully it turns out to her liking.

This is my #NAS now ! @PINE64 #quartz64 #arm @Rockchip #RK3566

The board and SSD are powered by a #PicoPSU. There are only 2*1TB SSDs installed, but I would like to install 6 of them in the future!

It's comfortably running my @matrix #homeserver right now!

I learned recently that the current touring keyboardist in The Who is a full time real estate agent who occasionally plays keyboards for The Who.

good morning.

my fingers have filed an osha complaint against me for providing hostile working conditions.

This was a good experiment.

I built a little silly switch style dock for my GPD Win 3.

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