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wordle 207 4/6 

oopsied my second guess, should probably wait until I have a cup of :cofepats:​ in me before doing these things


I have a couple of different CC-BY-SA properties in production, and a few dozen story ideas in progress.

I have a small amount of funding I could put towards hiring folks to work on our media productions.

Anyone looking for a part time (eventual full time) job making some DIY tv?

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argh, now my latest pine64 order is "on hold" with DHL trying to exit China.

pre-orders for the Radxa ROCK5 SBC are up on ameridroid right now, and it's a heckuva compelling BoM in my opinion - octa-core RK3588, up to 16GB RAM, 2.5GbE, and support for up to three 8K displays, as well as HDMI In (??) supporting 4K@60Hz

$5 now gets you $50 off the price when it's actually ready to go, so I tossed a tenner at ameridroid in hopes of getting some of that action sometime this year

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, this seemed like a good opportunity. Here's my first impressions of the PinePhone keyboard:

#PinePhonePro Explorer Edition orders start today at 7:00PM UTC/ 11AM PST. Order yours by January 18th to receive it this month or early February.

Wordle - Question for Players 

Do you have a go-to first word? I have been using AUDIO because it has 4 vowels. Curious about others' strategies.

Canon can't get enough chips to make the DRM in its toner cartridges to work so it's having to tell people how to bypass it. 💯

(German-language site)

@bhtooefr this is fascinating, thank you. I read this article a few years ago which discusses the subject:

I believe your pamphlet may be a response to the cheaper barbed-wire system described in mine.

Households would develop their own ring pattern to indicate who was being called on the party line

Sometimes I think about Rural Telephone Lines, How To Build Them, published by Montgomery Ward circa 1900.

It’s effectively an ad for their telephones and telephone equipment, but it’s also an interesting look at how people deployed their own telephone systems in their rural communities. (Note that there’s no talk of switching in this brochure, either - these lines were, as far as I can tell, just independent party lines, that if anyone wanted to talk, they’d end up ringing every phone on the line. AFAIK it was a thing that these lines could end up getting tied into the PSTN at some point, but that seems to be out of the scope of this brochure.)

Giving David Bowie's Toy a listen. bootlegs have been around for years and I've heard bits and pieces but I haven't sat down to listen to the whole thing.

I'll probably pick up the box because I'm that kind of idiot but I'm finding that the more posthumous releases happen the less comfortable I am with lining the pockets of whoever owns the publishing.

Pratchett had his hard drive run over by a bulldozer when he died. That, at least, was definitive and unambiguous.


We have now successfully booted the Quartz64 Model A from @PINE64 using Peter Geis' mainline uboot and our linux-rc kernel.

Test images can be downloaded here:


only one week remains until the lab arrives at the makerspace. excited to get it all set back up in its new forever home.

@garbados @polymerwitch re avoiding append-only lists: have you fine folx come across the cable specification?

signed messages, no logs & sparse by design; might be extremely up your alleys :)

(also hi garbados!!)

@djsundog they have this cool mounting option where you can hang it from a chain. If I am ever a rich crazy person, I want to buy like a hundred of them and hang them at random heights all over a dark room and have a crazy art installation thing

@djsundog God I want a video sphere.

I would ponder that orb so hard.

I'm rebuilding a robot, there are children learning pottery, people are practicing martian arts with the help of technology.

Life at the maker space is good.

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