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We have now merged onto I-90

East bound and down
loaded up and truckin'
we gonna do what they say cain't be done

if I was really as cool as some of y'all think I am I would have organized a cannonball run for the same time as our trip.

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listening to suite: judy blue eyes and smoking the last bowl I'll smoke in the lab annex, er, garage. it's back to just being a garage. the lab annex is now just off the mech yard behind the ellijay makerspace.

ah, my favorite, a follow request from a freshly minted account for a "leftist trying to get into the fediverse" from a self-hosted checks notes noted leftist platform soapbox.


a subset of our kids and grandkids made one last last minute visit a couple hours ago, which didn't do great things for my super tight logistics schedule, but did good things otherwise for all involved.

can always make up time around the edges of sleep. can't always make up time with the littles when they're still little.

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our car is in our garage for the first and last time over our six and a half year residency, mainly because I pre-loaded the car-top carrier and figured I might as well lock it in its own little building for the night.

sundog's to do list for the rest of the day 

  • put roof carrier on top of the jeep
  • load roof carrier with belongings
  • eat something for dinner or whatever
  • walk through the house a half dozen times looking for glitches hiding things we meant to take with us
  • go to bed, knowing I'll walk through the house a half dozen times in the morning looking for glitches hiding things we meant to take with us

Developers: second round of #pinephonepro coupons going out in a few hours.

Check your emails later today/ tonight.

(video: PinePhone Pro production line)

Forgot to take this picture before I went home last night. Quarter for scale. It is too small, but only just. I can probably finish this set and play a game on this before moving on.

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You hear that?

It's The Road calling...

I'd like for you to meet my significant other on our wedding day.

not screenreader friendly; formatting fuckery 


As you can guess, this ones a rope game, but this time it's very
different since theres two different ropes moving at once!!
its called Double Dutch

I must admit that digitized rope graphics and Schoolyard musics are very good!

Unzip the 2 files into the same directory using PKUNZIP -D to install the

Another fine quality release from SKiLLiON !!

³ Please, if you like this game, BUY it! ³
³ We must support quality programmers! ³

RJ-11 to TRRRRRRRS adapter for use with banana handset

My sister spent a year in Japan when she was in college and these were the only things I wanted back then

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