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I've been using "I dunno how to bootstrap aarch64" as a good excuse not to go down this rabbithole but now that I've got a workaround (let someone else bootstrap aarch64) I'm that much closer to being out of excuses. feh.

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ahhh crap, just realized I could probably take the p-boot source that Megous put together as a bootloader gui for the and jettison a fair bit of the code and slot in instead and have a non-functional yet nicely bootstrapped forth-based smartphone to flesh out... if it wasn't trying to run a full operating system this allwinner a64 hardware could scream as a purpose-built "embedded" device...

If anyone is looking to buy Palm stuff, I bought my m500 and accessories from and can highly recommend them. Everything I got was in pristine condition. The m500 came with the battery replaced, and the screen looked brand new (not a single scratch or anything).

Definitely a bit more expensive than most eBay listings, but still pretty cheap, definitely worth it for the guaranteed quality. Looks like everything also comes with a 3 month warranty.

me, hearing a free jazz track I don't recognize: must be Sun Ra

radio metadata provider: you are correct sundog

me: I know :fingerguns:

ahhhh yes it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

still no SPR studio connection, though it's on my short-term todo list now, so I'll be jazzing along with the fine folks of as they kick off their annual apple festival this weekend. feel free to join in, and if you like what you hear, consider making a donation to their listener-supported station!

:blobpats: :cofepats: :blobpats:

Wordsmith (PalmOS app) is great, it can replace the built in memo app for simple stuff (and still sync with a desktop), and you can also make more complex documents with fonts, headings, lists, alignment, etc

I acquired a second recently.

I should install

I have going on the big speakers in the dining room at the coffee shop, and it's Sunday Morning Jazz.

Come by, if you're in the area, or listen online at

@djsundog Even funnier: TWC owns what used to be WeatherUnderground, named after The Weather Underground revolutionary movement, which would surely have bombed IBM if they got the chance.

@djsundog yeah, long time now. The notion was that they were feeding the weather data into IBM’s big logistics AIs. planning shipping routes and shit. “Powered by Watson”

music library update: 925 artists, 9986 de-duped albums, and rising.

okay okay fine I'll get a palm m500 geez you don't have to get violent about it

thirty years ago yesterday Soundgarden released "badmotorfinger"

now I know why you been shakin

*Neil Diamond voice*
🎶 gourd... you'll be a pumpkin soup

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