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random poll: your jams are usually found on

@djsundog would an array of those boards that you can stuff sd cards into do it?

Make sure it is waterproof too.

Backups in the fireproof safe were ruined by the water from the fire dept.

Wish I hadn't learned this "wisdom".

Airsonic is designed to handle very large music collections (hundreds of gigabytes).

:blobeyes:​ like twenty-seven hundred?

need to get a fireproof safe for the external hard drive with the backup of the music library one of these days. losing multiple terabytes of music would be devastating for me.

my lab network has no storage fast enough to necessitate 10gig links and this is a damn shame

good morning.

my raspi that acts as the consulate media server is segfaulting whenever I try and run apt.

maybe not so good a morning actually.

I ordered the CD and got the flacs for free!

(that's always how it is on bandcamp)


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🚨 🚨 🚨

a new sneaker pimps album dropped today

🚨 🚨 🚨

Anyway, this is also the teaser for our new show, which is shooting now for release this fall.

Should be fun.

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@djsundog nice CSS* dude

* continuously slapping spacebar

Alright, doing some AV1 vs HEVC extra low bitrate testing, finally.

Results so far are that HEVC encodes 10x as fast, but looks significantly worse.

With AV1, I managed to get the file down to 30Kbps average, and looking ... fine? Like, better than stuff I've sat through intentionally.

I did some bullshit to make that happen.

This video is 720p and 68Kbps. for 512KB in total.

Today I wanted to find a way to watch IPTV on my #Pinephone.

After multiple tests, I had the best experience with MPV combined with mpv-iptv (

it is now officially outside flugelhorn-appropriate hours in a residential neighborhood.

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