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'Unspeakable', and White Fang in particular, are proof that Bill Frisell shreds and could absolutely melt your face off if he wanted to, but usually chooses not to.

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The basic idea is this:

Every month, we find a new act in our local area.

We record a live set from that band, or we work with them to find existing recorded but unreleased material, or we just use their existing released material at their option.

We make new art work. We master the music for cassette, and have the tapes professionally (or semi-professionally, depending on quantity) produced.

We pay the band more than 50% of profit.

We mail tapes and email digital files.

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shifted the playlist that's shuffling slightly because I don't need quite so much oomph anymore today.

hot take: "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass is a yacht rock sea shanty


I spent some time at one point replacing sidewalk segments that had been broken by tree roots in the city I was living in, jackhammering out the broken bits and building a simple form, mixing and pouring the concrete, floating and finishing, the whole deal.

The showers I used to take at the end of those days took ten minutes just to get water to my skin.

This shower wasn't that bad, but I definitely brought in more of the outside than usual.

The urgency with which I completed this project, unlike literally every other project I talk about, is solely centered around my dog's desire to play fetch with his bouncy balls while it is not raining for a brief moment in time and I really felt that.

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Hail the mover of boulders, the digger of holes, the pourer of both quikcrete and water, the driller of holes, the lifter of gates, the victorious, uh, victor, me.

okay, the battery for the makita drill should be recharged enough to drill this other hinge pin hole so I'm back on the job site for a bit.

@djsundog electric trombone solos whip ass (skip to around 1:10 for the good stuff)

someone budget me a drum and bugle corps stat. let's get this kickstarted.

sousaphone players will all be former sumo wrestlers and will literally shake the field on the one.

all the wheedly wheedly guitar solos will be assigned to trombone players.

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starting a drum and bugle corps that only plays covers of metal songs so I can be the one standing between two bass drum carriers playing double bass like a freakin dervish

only had one fucking cup of coffee before I started dealing with this goddamned fence this morning

really looking for my Shower Of The Righteous Laborer once this gate is rehung and secured. I am filthy.

@FiXato are you volunteering to be the one to tell her she can't be a princess?

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