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got thinking about what the longest two album mashup title would be earlier until I realized it would hands down be two Fiona Apple album titles mashed together

fun fact: I used to subscribe to The Onion. they mailed me a newspaper every week. I looked forward to its arrival.

fast food, covid adj 

just think, someday you'll be able to regale your grandkids (everyone gets grandkids, even if they technically belong to some neighbor) about how fast food joints used to have counter service the same way your grandparents enjoy regaling you about how fast food joints used to have carhops

Your memory has just been sold
Your angel is the centerfold
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah


elevator pitch: it's like a community food bank, but for families who really need some chill.


Trump just fired the DHS official who stated last week that the recent elections were the most secure we've ever had.

Not a good look, folks.

all my pals always vibed with Deacon Blues but I was really a Kid Charlemagne tbh

The entire audience stood mouths agape as the realized that Donald Fagen was, in fact, shaking it during Babylon Sisters.

Standing outside in gale force winds because it's November in Sundogistan and there's a break in the clouds so I don't want to miss my monthly ration of sunshine.

@djsundog it's like the tonight show, but sun ra is the host, anthony braxton is his emcee and alice coltrane and ornette coleman co-lead the band. which is a collective

@djsundog you made me think of an alt where John Williams' scored all of Tim Burton's shit, and Danny Elfman scored all of Lucas'

I don't know how I feel about this.

elevator pitch: it's a band like Dread Zeppelin but mashing up Steely Dan and the Spice Girls as ragtime with a Zappa impersonator as frontman.

alternate timeline where :df: got all of John Williams' film scoring gigs.

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