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Good afternoon.

My auto-rotation script for LXDE is working to orient the screen properly, but not yet rotating the pointer input, so it's not very useful, but it's definitely a start.


pinephone accelerometer 

some general readings from the pinephone accelerometer using the following bash script to sample values while moving the phone:

root@sundog-pinephone-lxde-emmc:/sys/bus/iio/devices# cat ~/accelerometer-test.bash 
while true
echo "x: $(cat iio\:device2/in_accel_x_raw), y: $(cat iio\:device2/in_accel_y_raw), z: $(cat iio\:device2/in_accel_z_raw)"

z >= 16 000: screen face up
z <= -16 000: screen face down

x >= 14 000: portrait (usb port down)
x <= -14 000: reverse portrait (usb port up)

y >= 14 000: CCW landscape (buttons up)
y <= -14 000: CW landscape (buttons down)

tomorrow I'll throw together a test auto-rotation script for my lxde image using xrandr and see what happens

fun fact: my t-mobile account currently lists my phone's manufacturer and model as NA NA so when I log into my account it's almost like I am taunting them

I think I may have inadvertently selected the slower shipping method on my order lo these many months ago. heck.

Good morning.

Today I will continue tweaking my cutting edge environment using ultra modern X11

fun fact: sleep 10 && xdotool click 3 gives you ten seconds to move your mouse pointer exactly where you want it before a right-click is performed on your behalf.

@djsundog It's just a jump to the left, _and then a click to the riiight_.

re: more LXDE on pinephone 

oh, and also gotta get HDMI out working on the dock - convergence!

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more LXDE on pinephone 

so I think my plan for DE on my is currently LXDE-based.

I need to get the firefox modifications from the other distros for easier touch targets, tweak the window decorations for same, hook some accelerometer changes up to xrandr for screen rotation, figure out some power management tweaks, and hopefully get xinput to start handling the touchscreen as a multitouch device so I can do handy things like access right-click menus.

That'll take care of my near-term want list. Then it'll just be a matter of finding the right combination of applications to provide the functionality I want in the form I choose.

oooh looks like shipment notifications are going out - more new @PINE64 fun en route!

need to get megi's multiboot bootloader for the figured out at some point this week since I clearly will not be 100% happy with any single solution for a while

oh, also, a random note: you can run minetest just fine on the but should probably have an external keyboard and mouse connected if you actually want to play

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LXDE on Mobian on Pinephone notes - long 

Some notes on my experiences running LXDE on the -

I started by using the image building script at

cloning that repo and running sh ./ -d -v lxde on an x86_64 linux system with docker should produce a bootable image file (it did in my case)

The good:

  • incoming and outgoing calls on t-mobile work
  • incoming and outgoing SMS on t-mobile work
  • wifi works
  • mobile data on t-mobile works
  • audio works
  • youtube playback is adequate for my purposes
  • can set firefox to let touch scrolling work
  • volume buttons control volume
  • power button turns off and locks screen
  • the on-screen keyboard, onboard, is extremely complete
  • the camera hardware is functional (but pinhole, the gnome camera application, is still laggy and missing basic functionality at this early stage in its development)
  • runs xscreensaver :blobcool:
  • doesn't feel like a mobile OS

The bad:

  • LXDE is not super touch friendly, so interacting with UI elements can be a struggle with my chonky fingertips
  • relatedly, the touch screen is mostly acting as a mouse, so tiny scroll bars come into play
  • not well optimized for power savings; if screen is on, battery life is plummeting
  • speaking of battery, had to install powersupply to get a display of how much battery life is left
  • I still haven't managed to get hdmi out working while connected to the dock
  • I still haven't gotten power passthru working while connected to the dock

The ugly:

  • it's ugly; I need better theming setup

All in all, though, it's usable and hackable. I am pleased, and will probably move this setup to the emmc for now.

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