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Just ordered a hard copy of the PJON Specification docs which will apparently be sent to me from Italy sometime in the next week or two.

cc @ajroach42 because this could be very much his bullshit methinks

the USB switch has an unpopulated four-pin header on the board :blobeyes:

I will, of course, be removing both of these from their cases to get to the juicy goodness inside (and then twist them to my own purposes)

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Sometimes I let projects develop themselves via accretion until they reach a size that makes me take notice.

This one is just about there.

"The vulnerabilities can be exploited when a target downloads a video or other content that’s rendered by the chip. Targets can also be attacked by installing malicious apps that require no permissions at all."

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I'm about forty-some-odd years late on setting myself up with a much needed exocortex, so I just pretend y'all are my exocortex so I don't get mired down in the "go set up an exocortex" rabbithole.

thank you for your support.

in today's Links of Interest for Further Examination bucket:

BluePlayer, an MIT-licensed python script to set up a pi to accept pairing from a bluetooth device and handle A2DP playback as well as some simple playback controls (next, prev, play/pause):

py-ipod-protocol, a partially(?) complete(?) MIT-licensed implementation of the ipod serial comms protocol, maybe, depending on how far this person got before abandoning the road down which I currently tread:

hope apple enjoys that new apple ID account I just set up on an old-ass iphone 4s :P


still haven't gotten my pi zero to talk to my el cheapo ipod dock over serial.

but I will.

oh, I will.

Pi zero audio out over PWM into 30-pin breakout into ipod dock into Marshall speaker

why have I not received even shipping info for my pre-order of Thelonious Monk's Palo Alto concert recording?

I uploaded my progress on making a #pinephone backplate that can be used to build on for the keyboard challenge here:

🎶 #notplaying #np #fediplay #bot 🎶

Björn Ulveaus vs The Archies - Sugar, Sugar Mountain Duet (Redux)

4th attempt at a #pinephone backplate is printing now. Just realized I forgot to design any kind of battery cover. Doh.

obviously can never distribute anything this on-the-nose but for my own personal entertainment heck yeah

bring it, tim apple

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