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Today’s game and vinyl pairing is Yahtzee and some OMD.

I might be dating myself right now, but when I go out to dinner I pull out my own chair and tell myself I look nice.

things that might happen this weekend in the lab 

  • @rosalind upgrades
  • MP Select Mini mainboard replacement
  • software dev
  • case dev
  • dev
  • Lab organization
  • Sekrit Project 7
  • get Fipamo set up as a lab journal
  • rip some CDs
  • move the toot-lab to different hardware
  • move the toot-lab's vm host os to different hardware
  • hack twtr and get some kid in florida to take the blame
  • repurpose toot-lab's vm host's hardware for different vm hosting
  • hydrate

hekk I really have to get the lab organized this weekend, I have projects layered like the walls of an archeological digsite

raspberry pi 4: dual micro-hdmi up to 4k@60 Hz

also raspberry pi 4: same lame-ass 2-lane mipi dsi port as the rest of the pi family

me: 😞

so happy to have hdmi, mini hdmi, micro hdmi, displayport, and mini displayport devices in the lab.


@djsundog I said this outloud as i got up from my desk and clapped my hands once.

My son thought i was going to bring down holly hell or something...What are you doing??" "DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!"


i got both controllers working! here's my first ever vr sculpture with google blocks now that i can use the palette controls

Was his name really William Carlos Williams?

Or was that a nom de plum

eyyy, 2560x1600 @ 50hz via hdmi on a pi4 is working!

hdmi_cvt=2560 1600 50 5 0 0 1
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twitter hack, breaking news 

BREAKING: 17-year-old boy arrested in Florida over Twitter hack that compromised accounts belonging to Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others - WFLA

TIL It was a crime to be a "Common Scold" (AKA Medieval Karen) and the laws against them were only abolished in the UK in 1967 and in the US, New Jersey, in 1972(!)

quick question: anyone gotten a 2560x1600 landscape display to work over HDMI, and if so, what hdmi timings/config.txt modifications did you end up using?

Looking for recommendations: Does anyone know any free PDF software (preferable FLOSS) that can add contents/chapter marks to PDF documents? Ideally runs on Mac (with binaries available); could get by with running in ubuntu. :boost_ok:

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