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it would be heckin nice if discogs and musicbrainz could hold a summit and decide once and for all if they're both going to use ' or ’ in contractions in song and album titles rather than each using one or the other.

manjaro-arm on my pinebook pro: 221 new updates available

me: 😰

thanks to the combined power of discogs and beet modify every album in my taggedAlbums directory has not only an accurate year but also an accurate original_year (and both are displayed in the path if they differ)

think once I get my entire collection added to my discogs collection and have ensured that as many of them have complete personnel listings as information is available for I'll download it from discogs and set up a database browsable by artist where it shows all their appearances chronologically rather than just the appearances that they got top billing...maybe set up some nice collection visualization graphs...fields for my review of each album...and then expose the whole thing via some static site generator whenever the collection changes. :blobthonkang:

ahhhh yes, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

This week, I woke up with two words repeating in my mind: Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith...

To get my mind to stfu, we're starting things off with Jimmy Smith at the organ. We'll see where we end up when Jimmy decides he's done for the day.

If that sounds like the sounds to help your week rebound, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying (for probably the last week before it turns into an actual stream you can really follow along with)

:blobpats: :cofepats::blobpats:

Today in the new acquisition department, a trio of imports - "Celia & Johnny", "The Essential Ben Sidran", and Wendy and Lisa's "Fruit at the Bottom" special edition disc.

OMG, I'm talking with Captain Crunch. It looks like John T Draper is an SVFIG member. I had no idea!

this cheeky ebay seller put the copy of manheim steamroller christmas right on the freaking top of the box.

i'm looking for a visual website builder that either runs on a local machine or is self-hostable, that I can provide to several people who have expressed a desire to have a website, so that I don't just install wordpress for them.

Something that produces plain HTML would be ideal.

I'm looking for, essentially, a static site generator with a UI instead of a markdown and templating based experience.

The EU has just adopted a set of guidelines to determine how repairable something is!

This is the first step towards mandating repairability score labels on new products, which is the first step towards a future where electronics last as long as they did in the past.

She just said GWB again, and now I wonder if she calls the other famous NYC bridge the BB

Good morning.

Weather person on WABC just referred to the "G.W.B.", which has exactly the same number of syllables as "George Washington Bridge", making it a pretty useless verbal abbreviation.

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