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@djsundog That's *especially* true for hardware designs!!

There's no debugger for hardware designs. You can only examine a circuit with where you can fit your o'scope or logic analyzer probes. ;)

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@djsundog Folks, let me introduce you to the distillation of that article that I wrote into code. All of 45 lines of code, with commentary.

suppose I should get one of the lab laptops with an optical drive set up with windows and EAC as a flac-ripping station

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just bought a lot of 100 random music CDs on ebay for 20 cents each.

hope they don't suck.

@djsundog and, controversially, remasters that attempt to clean up those bad recordings. Three factions form: the purists, who think all remastering is against the spirit; protoolers who think remastering by hand is a sacred art form; and the upscalers who train a neural net on good and bad recordings of the same performances to maximize both speed and resulting audio quality.

Just a reminder that in addition to Goth Day it is also Sun Ra's birthday, and KFJC is doing their annual Night and Day of the Sun - 24(+) hours of Sun Ra marathon.

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aaaand it appears the mainboard on the MP Select Mini no longer wants to control the z-axis.

of course, sourcing a direct replacement mainboard for it right now is not likely.


Of all the late 1980s guitar magazine virtuoso shredder albums, Joe Satriani's 'Surfing With the Alien' remains my favorite; he's a blazingly good guitarist but not robotic/mathematical in the way a lot of them were. #joesatriani

KFJC's annual Day and Night of the Sun is starting soon! 24(+) hours of Sun Ra in honor of his birthday!

Stream live:

If you are reading this after the fact, grab MP3s here

Sun Ra was an #afrofuturist active in #jazz from the 40s onward until his death in 1993. He was originally from Saturn.

The ___ is/are here, but not evenly distributed. 

@bstacey @brennen @djsundog I did a bunch of QBasic in middle school, and I think for me at least the whole thing where it was like "congratulations you just bought a computer; here's how to program it" was extremely great, and we need more of that

a private torrent tracker site that only allows most choice recordings its users made of bands when they were in high school using whatever crappy device they had uploaded in 24-bit FLAC.

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