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(plus, removing internal supports is almost kinda like bubblewrap in terms of being able to spark joy)

(yes, I am printing with allTheSupports! because this is a thin and tall model with a bunch of nothin in the middle and I would like to have a chance at seeing this succeed even if it means a bit of time with the knife doing cleanup)

if this comes out, I'm gonna be hard pressed not to load up the spool of maroon ABS I have in waiting

11 layers (2.5mm) into the z axis and it's looking okay so far.

Only has to do another 374 layers without any glitches.

I can name the laptop (it's lappy9001) but I cannot name the cad program. For clarification. Like buttah.

The model was downloaded from the pine64 wiki and converted from STEP to STL in one of the cad programs on my other laptop that I cannot name right now.

random: we should put colored dots on outlets and switches in homes, and map those same colored dots to the circuit breaker box, allowing for easy circuit identification both after a tripped breaker and when deciding where to plug things in based on their load.

I lived in NYC when Bloomberg was in power and Ray Kelly was his police chief.

I don't give a shit if Bloomberg calls himself a liberal or believes he isn't racist because his policies endangered *millions* of Black and Brown people for years and made our neighborhoods a police state under the guise of 'safety'.

Fuck that dude and every single word that comes out of his bitch ass mouth.

🎶 #notplaying #np #fediplay #bot 🎶

Toto vs Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pamela Radio, Radio (Acoustic Verison)

Liz and Robin were just 17 and 19 when they strolled into the 4AD offices in London one day and handed Ivo Watts-Russell a demo tape. They went to see the Birthday Party play that night and then went home to Scotland and waited for the label to call with a record deal. They did, and later that year recorded Garlands. It was many years before the #CocteauTwins had any idea that's not how the music business is supposed to work.

Good morning, fediverse.

#np #smallstories

Good morning.

I think someone infected me with a virus.

Deploying countermeasures and considering cutting out of work mid-day.

You know those catchy techno or dubstep dance floor tracks, where the only lyrics are three or four words, repeated?

I need one of those, with the lyrics "mike bloomberg drop out"

Do the world a solid. It'll be huge.


Also if you have cats you must train yourself to never balance anything, anywhere, not even for a moment... :ablobcatwave:

fun fact: I've had to train myself not to balance any electronics devices on my legs whilst sitting, not for any reason whatsoever, because I can never predict when my legs will decide to start playing air drums along with whatever I'm listening to (audible or not)

@djsundog discordian calendar 4 lyfe

Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 44th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3186
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