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If I have a friend named @zigg who occasionally writes in rust, I suppose I should be on the lookout for a friend named @rustt who occasionally writes in zig

A law of software quality 

An 8-bit approach to J.S. Bach

“It struck me that, at least in theory, organ pipes should generate quite primitive sound waves. If so, how come a church organ doesn't sound like a chip tune, which is also built up from simple waveforms? Well, actually it will, if you remove the church. And if you connect a Commodore 64 home computer to a loudspeaker in a large hall, it will sound like an organ.”

#HardwareHacking #Music

Ahhhh yes, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

This morning, as the sun brightens the skies and our local temperatures creep back into a more tolerable zone, I'm of a mind to spend the day listening to the Weather Report, beginning to end.

So, if some uplifting tones from old fusion cats could ease aches and moans and other feelings like that, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying

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gender is a spectrum

by which I mean it uses a Zilog Z80 CPU and mostly reads data from tape

maybe when I screw around with pbpro case modifications I'll see about extending the emmc connection out to an externally-accessible side port for easy module swaps...

You oughtta know not to boot up in Windows
Somebody see you up there

who's got two fingerguns and a bricked pinebook pro after screwing around with u-boot?


accidentally wrote "return to slender" on a bunch of junk mail that didn't have my name on it and now there's a tall, skinny cryptid holding credit card offers and trying to lure me into the woods

if I'm gonna keep doing electronics stuff on the regular then I might be grown up enough to deserve a little oscilloscope,

@cwebber It's okay to toot your own horn here. I think that's part of what this place is for. There's a button for it and everything.

i think of fedi as a work in progress so i’m not here to say this place of places or we its denizens are flawless. there’s a long game at play to take back digital infrastructure for our fucked up selves and our weird-#ass communities.

ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch

I mean we should all sit back and think a little about how this happened, right?

Windowing system sends a message 'click at X and Y time T'

For some reason the code.... disregards that data and goes out and polls the mouse cursor current position???

and it mostly works, and mostly works for years, as long as your machine isn't stressed, even though it's fetching entirely the wrong data

really wish wasn't tied so tightly to the raspberry pi and its oddities so it was available for more SBCs and things like the pinebook and pinebook pro, but the landscape of aarch64-based SBCs is so fragmented in terms of capabilities and hardware it's hard to justify porting without Interested Parties just doing it themselves, I suppose.

@twitter @djsundog @Canageek

You NEED me on that dropdown menu! Son, we live in a world that has config files, and those config files have to be guarded with men with guns.

because there are terrible things inside. Bash scripts, M4 macros, the Nightmare Child, the Never-Was-Shipped and his army of Todos and Fixmes.

All these things will be lost in time, like a hill of beans.

Also rebuilt the Cardboard Pi, replacing the power board. Hopefully I have two amps to work with now. Also moved the sound board to the bottom and repositioned the speakers.

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