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scraping toots 

hey, y'all youngsters out there refusing to let the status quo turn you cynical af about everything and anything?

you're punk af and I 💜 you. thanks for sprucing up the place.

fedi really needs that "while you were away" feature that twitter has

while you were away:
- anna was cancelled again
- we just found out some italian guys scraped all of english speaking fedi half a year ago
- the mcrib is back

I definitely don't have the will to have a budget for a real IBM XT, but I definitely have a place in my budget and in my heart for this cute XT clone. This is as close as I'm going to get to my childhood Canon XT clone.

Please stop using data mining scandals 2 redefine ur own predatory version of consent. Being in a public space is not consenting to be mugged no more than posting in a public space is consenting to have your data stolen. My purse doesn’t suddenly become EVERYBODY’s purse when I leave the house. We need a new bill of data/privacy rights. Will this end all mining 4evs? No, but reclassifying women as citizens instead of domestic property didn’t end all gender violence either.

not a single manhole cover in the admin's recent posts. i am disappoint.

Mostly still curious how the manhole cover instance is doing these days tbh

I'd like 2020 to be the year Chosa goes on a survey of the fediverse again to compare and contrast with their first adventure to the edges of the known network.

Goal: By the end of this year, all of my every day devices are open hardware and software.

Odroid Go Advance

It's far too heckin cold in Sundogistan tonight, as we expect our first snow of the season that will stick to start in the next little bit.

Hope y'all are safe and warm, and, if you have a little safe and/or warm to spare, that you're able to share it with your neighbors who need it most.

lmao @ people scraping data and then writing a paper that isn't even good or interesting

@djsundog I got frustrated trying to boot NetBSD on my TT030 so I started writing my own FCode interpreter which will eventually be an OpenBoot-esque cartridge

gonna get hired as a college prof just so I can flunk students who run ill-conceived data scraping projects and then proceed to release the ill-conceived datasets until it stops happening.

Oh no, my HP 715/100's power supply blew out. :|

Anyone have info or specs on the HP A4022-60006 power supply so I can replace the caps or find a replacement? :/

me: it's so cool that there are apps where you can look up resistor color codes on your pocket computer nowadays!

also me: it's static content best served by being a reference table on the wall over the electronics bench.

Went ahead and knocked out one of the non-essential yet eminently satisfying module for my #rc2014 system - I'm happy to introduce the Digital I/O module, featuring eight green LEDs as outputs and eight pushbuttons as inputs.

Now I'm just waiting for the replacement RAM PCB and I'll be able to fire it up!

Me selling paintings I made, boosts help me find clients 

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