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tired: buying the cheapest micro sd card you can find

wired: buying the micro sd card with the best price to performance ratio you can find

inspired: buying the micro sd card that looks the least like any micro sd card you already own


mmmm, tasty - Manjaro-ARM preview 1 for Pinebook Pro running from micro sd

[sundog@pinebookpro ~]$ uname -a
Linux pinebookpro 5.4.0-0.4-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP Tue Nov 5 19:10:43 UTC 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

The first preview images of #ManjaroARM for the #PinebookPro are bound to happen soon.
Stay tuned for links as soon as they go "live".

follow requests from accounts that follow a thousand other accounts but have ten followers and zero posts will be denied out of hand.


Thinking about my next pedal project and I'm not sure what I want to attempt:

Nerds, what are your thoughts? Suggestions in the replies. Smash that boost button!

for the #retroWordProcessor fans / writers living the TUI life (and George R.R. Martin enthusiasts) : there is an effort to bring WordStar to modern machines.

I like to keep a micro sd card aside for each ARM system in the lab as a recovery boot drive. it's nice being able to boot a known good state with a full set of dev tools and such already installed and ready to go.

found that the usb-c port extender I picked up works with the pinebook pro for usb ports, power, and hdmi under ayufan's 0.9.16 build, so that's nice. the network adapter doesn't show up, but I'm going to hold out hope for the mainline kernel builds before I go looking for an alternative. (I have plenty of other usb NICs I could use, I just dislike having one I cannot)

Which one is your preferred connector?

if you think the primary function of code is to be run by computers and not read by humans i invite you to start littering your code with dozens of useless random variables. the computer just optimizes them out anyway right?

bot idea: just posts links to random "List of ___" pages because you can't see where it cuts off in the default display of the link on mastodon

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created an acct on the manjaro git server so I could watch the repos where the pinebook pro work is being committed and get notifications via email when good things happen.

@djsundog 🎶
Because the night belongs to donkeys
Because the night belongs to mules

I want to go to sleep in the city that never awakens.

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