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tiny jazz spiders serenading improvisationally with tiny spun-and-twig instruments

Ahhh, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means, no, that means

This week I'll be catching up on some newer releases from Camila Meza, Flying Lotus, Theo Crocker, Seba Kaapstad, and Linda May Han Oh, as well as a slightly older release from the Brazilian fusion outfit Azymuth.

If that sounds like a fine ride for a sweltering summer Sunday, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying

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does anyone know of a remote desktop program that can connect Linux or ChromeOS to a Windows machine?

It seems that Google finally killed off the ability to do a direct LAN connection on Chrome Remote Desktop.

does anyone have any cool reading materials on analogue computers?

i have been reading up on chaos system simulations!

@djsundog Many boards have a simple HDMI PHY (which is separate from the GPU and the video decoder/encoder), for Allwinner boards it was one of the first things mainlined by Linux-Sunxi devs.

Wayland and X11 have been able to run on these boards for years due to this architecture. The HDMI PHY was licensed from some bespoke company, while the Mali GPU was licensed from ARM, and the VPU for encoding/decoding video was designed in house.

*whistles and waves* Over here! #KestrelComputerProject

One of the reasons for building all my own cores from scratch is exactly to offer a platform where this is the preferred reality. I'm even interested in building a FOSH backplane eventually.

I'm really quite far away from achieving any of my goals at the moment; but, if you ever stumble across the project someday, you'll know why I did things the way they were. :)

@djsundog at some point we'll relearn the lessons of the S100, the ISA bus, and VGA; namely that standards shared across a platform means one less thing to worry about

@djsundog You joke, but coreboot *does* support a lot of ARM chips. It's just that there are a lot more than what they support. (Also there are fewer standards for ARM bringup. It's mostly an accident of history / adversarial interoperability that x86 is so compatible.)

See also

Really wish all these ARM SBCs had a common basic firmware providing a simple framebuffer device over HDMI and USB HID keyboard support. Like, a Basic Input/Output System that software developers could rely on. That would be neat.

Here's a thing I wrote about building mobile/modular computers with a raspberry pi:

@seb_ly That's wonderful! Are you emulating the Lunar Lander ROM or is it a reimplementation? When I was working on the Vectrex version it was very distracting to play until the Z-axis control was functional.

Celebrate #apollo50th and also the 40th anniversary of Lunar Lander with my online recreation of the original arcade game

@djsundog ok so just hypothetically how much can you overclock it if you had a small enough liquid cooling setup?

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