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@djsundog Thank you for planting that seed!

Now I will have one of my favorite albums of all time playing in my head all day, feeding me energy.
@djsundog It's so funny that I didn't realize until last year than Anthony and Murray Head are brothers.

Each game of chess
means there's one less
left to be played

Each day got through
means one or two
less mistakes
remain to be made

:benny:​ and :bjorn:​ are two of the finest composers of the last century.

@djsundog Now I'm trying to imagine "One Night in Bangkok" sung by a deep bass. Maybe a Leonard Cohen delivery...

I hated not having Muuray Head's vocal range. My singing voice is a deep bass by nature, getting to the top of his range requires me to strain to the point of sounding like I'm being assaulted.

@lilithsaintcrow you... Have not seen Chess?

I encourage you to remedy this at any cost. See the European version, not the prettied-up US version.

Or at least get the soundtrack!

my first time through college, i spent a lot of time in the music department hanging out with the percussion students.

which means i have heard the riff to the song "Girls" by the Beastie Boys more times than any one person should have to

The same young woman that introduced me to the Chess soundtrack also got me into Ebn-Ozn, The The, Boingo, and Mozart's Requiem in D minor.

She's also the one who wrote the lyrics to "Breathe" by Pink Floyd longhand in the front cover of my yearbook.

Trying to be the kid who'd turn into a man she'd spend a lifetime with defined a lot of my teenaged life, which defines a lot of me.

I've been maintaining a list of words coined by #TedNelson and just pushed a bunch of updates, available at The URL is actually an example of one such word :) #hypertext #hypermedia #xanadu

US AS A KID: what the fuck, why is /etc/network/interfaces syntax like this?!

Within thine file, as well you know
`allow-hotplug` upon `eth0`
Listen now for words dogmatic,
`iface eth0 inet static`
Give an indent, for good fortune:
At last, invoke the final throw:
With this, the contract shall be sealed
And to your host, the net revealed.

what if we published a system administration handbook entirely in rhyming iambic pentameter

The London Symphony Orchestra recording of Chess is one of the most exquisite examples of virtuoso orchestration I've ever experienced.

A full orchestra augmented with a couple rock bands worth of guitars and synths, without either of those contrasting groups ever sounding out of place. The finest of foundations for a group of the most talented vocalists in the theater world to build upon.

Hecko, it doesn't take much to send me down this rabbithole:

I'm going to be listening to the London Symphony Orchestra recording of the music from the short-lived Broadway musical "Chess" in its entirety starting in a minute.

@nowplaying apologizes in advance for those of you who are not as enamored as I.


So the best part of finding out that "One Night in Bangkok" was from a 80s musical about chess is the fact that I have that song inextricably linked to Jean-Claude van Damme in my head.



Step 1: "That's a great question, $$NAME$$ let me call my man on the ground to see what's going on."

Step 2: Quit

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