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T-shirts on sale to raise funds for needed hardware upgrades.

No pressure at all, 11 days left to buy one if you are inclined...

These are limited runs... 12 days from now? Well, you'll be running around in the summer months without one... like an uncivilized Viking in a hairshirt.

No offense to vikings... hair shirts are very good for those conditions...

But for the rest of us...


Here's one for @ajroach42 as well as and fans

This is the -go with keyboard attachment running a c64 emulator and loading Infocom's "Planetfall" from d64 images on the microsd card.

Pocket C64 anyone?

"My insolent son fell into a volcano near the Slovakian capital"


"Probably is by now, yeah."

@PINE64 I know with the , , and all in the works you're super busy over there, but are there any plans to release upgraded boards for any of these using rock64/rockpro64 by any chance? (I'm getting one of everything regardless - you folks are top notch)

@jeffalyanak @trashHeap The PinePhone is not powerful. We are, however, in luck -- before Canonical dropped Ubuntu Touch and UBPorts picked up the development, the hardware used as reference was VERY similar to what the PinePhone is. In result, the live demo I saw at FOSDEM had really nice and smooth performance. I cannot say how plasma or the other OS' / front-ends will perform, but I think that there is a good chance that many OS' will run well.

Will you repeat this message so I can find more people?

New instance and my follower export was very much not having everyone in it.
Not only is this teaching me about recording, but it’s also teaching me new ways to listen to music.

@teknari UBPorts have a thread with information as it emerges about the end-user Phone:

@djsundog Oh damn, you're giving me Ideas. Seems like this would be a perfect usecase for Syncthing.

Ooh, my has left Seattle on its way down here - looks like Monday will be a good day!

Set it up with a read-only root filesystem so the OS doesn't get borked, have it connect to wifi and rsync a folder on a separate data partition from the home media library at boot, then present it as a fat32 drive to the car...

Back in the day, I used to be really enamored with the idea of a car pc in a radio head-unit form factor with a laptop hard drive that would connect to my home network for file transfers. I never built one of them though.

Now, however, newer cars have USB ports for mass storage devices full of mp3s and I'm eyeing the raspberry 0w in the lab and having ideas. :blobthonkang:

I need to know what the unit of "standards" is and how it was measured continuously for so long a time frame, this is an amazing feat of data analysis.

RT @christianmccrea

this incredible graph from a Koch outfit is secretly amazing


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