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if something spawned online goes into the RLization business -- aren't those called a conference? is a conference a reverse ARG?


but does your stating it demonstrate that the fact would likely have been noticed before and that someone, perhaps even YOU, could be trying to use that ARG as subtle control of the fed?!!

in the next thousand pages I will review all the evidence I am aware of, and


​​ πŸ‘’ <( pew pew! )
​​ 🀠 πŸŽ‚
​​ /πŸ”\/
β€‹β€‹πŸ”«/ / \
​​ / /
​​ πŸ‘  πŸ‘ 

I think the fediverse is at just about the right critical mass to spawn an ARG [1] any time now.


A possibly related phenomenon is called crown shyness – certain species of trees will very politely avoid overshadowing each other in a forest canopy, leaving gaps between each others' branches.

Mostly trees of the same species will do this, but different species of tree have been observed doing this too.

Again, no one's entirely sure how the trees do this, and some botanists are probably arguing about it somewhere right now.

Mark your calendars! Tuesday the 12th at 6 pm Eastern time join me over at my YouTube channel for DOS Nostalgia's TENTH ANNIVERSARY stream!

Things you don't see every day. 

@djsundog @erinbee
me, arriving in toronto, penniless and with nothing but a toot scrawled on a bus station cafe napkin: give me bees, BEES

@djsundog @chr I was recently thinking about VHS, how it's a movie on magnetic media, but just analog signal, no thinking machine between you and the signal, nearly as pure a path as film & projector. But there is a clock chip in those.

my snowy valentine
cold icy valentine
you make my heart feel numb

We took the jeep to the pharmacy so my wife could drive in 4wd for the first time and it was definitely necessary on all but the main arterial streets - Tacoma DOT is in no way ready for these sorts of winter storms (and it's not their fault)

A confession: I don't always make sense. I just don't have the time or energy, and frankly store-bought is just as good.

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