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@djsundog stop, hey, what's that sound
everybody toot what's going down

Wikipedia needs a version that translates it to "storyteller" so each article is rewritten to be a good story to listen to next to a fire late at night

Smoky and the Bandit marathon on Sundance Movie Channel. Juss sayin...

Live, From New York,... It's.... 

Has anyone made an Alexa-enabled toilet plunger

🎢 #notplaying #np #fediplay #bot 🎢

Tracy Bonham vs Geraldine Hunt - Glad I'm in Love Navy Bean

The purpose of language is to successfully communicate ideas between people, so if people generally understand what you say as what you mean and you generally understand what they say as what they mean, then the words and language you're using is fine.

Really. That's it. Everything else is intellectualist bullshit.

uspol, important 

If your song doesn't make me want to punch someone in the face, lie on a soft rug, or make out in a parking lot, I am Not Interested In It

finances (+~) 

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