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I was looking for more detail on this ad from the 80s and came across this site:

It ran on a Z80, which was typical for the time

Apparently, this was a cartridge based game platform that actually used cassettes for storage. They seemed to operate like regular cassettes, but the tape wasn’t exposed


@djsundog attached are the keys to the city of crt as well as a spare padlock for the server room in case you lose it

the coordinates to the server room will be transferred to you shortly, from there your journey shall begin

good luck. :lockandkey:

I'm going for it on something else today, I'll let you guys know what it is once I know how it goes.

I want you all to know, I am honored to have been ble to be a part of the work we've done here lately.

It makes me feel honored to know I am beside you in time.

I am honored that the universe has brought us all together here, now, to make things happen.

Watch for new hotness over the next week.

#adulting means watching your child drive away by themselves, in wonder, while asking yourself "Am I grown up yet?"

@djsundog I have a scar between my thumb and index finger from a cooki—I mean shark attack. Yes, shark fight.

New rule: anyone with a scar that resembles one of your scars is family.

Good morning. Big G's translation service just translated "nouveau serveur" in a blog post about tech as "new waiter" and I'm not going to be afraid of AI today.


New achievement: Last week I helped nearly a dozen baby clowns get on stage and into their clothes...some for the very first time.

Emotionally exhausting and amazingly rewarding.


Thinking about it, I'm probably still estimating low - I can think of a couple dozen different joints in each of six different cities without even getting into figuring out who I saw at one-off joints and cities I'm not remembering along the way. No wonder my hearing is shot.

I bet if I sat down and catalogued every show I've gone to I'd have been to about a hundred different venues, maybe closer to two. It's a wonder I survived younger me.

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