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And no. There aren't two sides to the issue. There is no excuse for TV and radio shows from the 40s and 50s to be under copyright. Let alone /clips/. It does not support the creation of new content, quite the opposite. It stifles expression and supports pure rent-seeking.

Man, I need to remember the Rule of Youtube:

The Content Cartel are continuing their war on information,
So download anything you actually like.

@gaditb @er1n that's a libelous slander, or a slanderous libel, and I don't know which

just sent my #patreon phasing out message to all my patrons; i'm fortunate in that i don't actually rely on patreon to clear bills, it's just let me run some projects here and there without cutting into my general living margins.

also, i almost wasn't joking about cash tips in the mail last night; my new funding/tipping info is posted here:

(i'll still support creators on patreon who do not have another funding platform listed; i don't want to pressure anyone to give it up, but i'm not happy staying with patreon now)

@knightly okay, so we need a discovery and engagement platform for creators, where they can each personalize their interactions with their supporters. we can call it "my space"

@knightly so what we really need is a creator discovery platform and a handbook for how to open a post office box in various parts of the world!


if it were up to me i would just mail cash monies to people instead of patreon and all the "facilitators" and "enablers" and "gateways" could go hang

@djsundog nice!

As a teenager, I got to be heavily involved in building my own bedroom when my parents bought a house for the first time in my life. We couldn't have gotten hold of real telco equipment, but I used an electronics prototyping board in my bedroom closet to wire together the house's phone jacks. The one thing I always wished I had was a professional punch-down block. #geek 😅 now I am imagining jack conte with lucy van pelt's hair

@eurasierboy @staticsafe every time I get unfolded they pull me back in - I will throw some cycles to the team this weekend.

K&R is now free! #C #programming

This really is a great book, anyone who does any sort of programming should read it. It's not very long but really gives you an understanding of the fundamentals of C.

it warms my heart to see so many people pissed at the idea of paying more for patreon's swank SOMA office space in san francisco

when I was a kid, my dad borrowed some telco gear from an acquaintance and the two of us set up a tiny POTS CO routing phone calls between the rooms of our house so I would be able to see how the phone system worked.

dad would have dug y'all.

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