@banjofox probably not, though there are a few projects that plan some degree of Android app compat, afaik (and I'm sure someone will have an android chroot running as a container within six months or so ;)

Today is my B-day. It'd mean the world to me if you could help me with this - re: health & monies 

@gdkar fuck now I got Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem playing the cantina music in my head

@banjofox on the upside, there are like a half-dozen projects all coming at this hardware from different directions right now, so watching the various bits converge is kinda fun... ;)

@ryen @TheGibson brb, setting up a bunch of evangelical-looking websites that autoplay the Zappa discography for the children

@banjofox from what I've gleaned from various irc and forum posts around and about, they've got it mostly working for call audio, but have to get the process for making those audio routing connections wired into the various UIs (rather than the current technique of manually setting up the audio routing via shell after a call connects lol)

@banjofox here's hoping one or more of the OSes gets voice call audio working smoothly soon then :blobjoy:

Hi! Welcome to town.

The rooftop pool is having a party rn. Just follow the music!


:ablobcatrave: :ablobdj:

a beautiful poster from one of sister’s students dads who is a community organizer in the outer mission in sf.

The FidoNet chapter from BBS: The Documentary (2004) is I think required viewing for fediverse admins.

Bulletin board services (BBSes) were pre-web online communities with forums, mail, games, etc. FidoNet was/is basically a volunteer-run federation layer that let BBSes communicate with each other.

The video talks about FidoNet's growing pains, especially around governance & a mismatch between what users wanted and what the sysops felt was required to maintain the net.


Ascii art 

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