Good morning.

First pass at a working camera app and driver landed in mobian for the #pinephone in the latest nightly build.

I'm a big fan of repairable devices, but only when a supply of replacement parts is maintained for a reasonable length of time and at a reasonable level of availability.

pine64 is on track to provide the full deal, it seems, and it makes me happy.

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pinephone disassembly vid 

if this 10000 mAh battery was any bigger I'd say it was too big to use for this project - as it is it's pushing my buttons

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this coming weekend is gonna feature plenty of soldering and desoldering

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extremely Iron Chef America competitor voice: for this next course, I decided to really embrace the theme of "state of the art" by preparing this deconstructed #soundslab for you. I think you'll find that tonight's secret ingredient, the raspberry pi zero, really shines through. Enjoy.

sundogistan is tempted to announce a new, business friendly tax credit to lure seattle based businesses scared of the head tax to move to sundogistan instead, after which sundogistan will simply nationalize all of them. don't tell anyone.

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RT from Lukasz Erecinski (@LukaszErecinsk1)

Completely forgot to tweet this. I recorded a start-to-finish @thepine64 #PinePhone disassembly & reassembly using tools one would already have lying around (Phillips screwdriver and a debit card).

Video link:

Original tweet :

note to self: cannot close enlarged image view in mastodon by clicking on the "close window" button in the image itself. it's just an image.

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Might have changed my mind - the UPS might get the place of honor, because if I remove this header I can wire it back by hand and get some extra thinness, maybe. I'll play with it.

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