an instance adminned by a markov bot trained on your .bash_history that just periodically types shit into the server's root terminal

@trwnh I should play with that, I really don't need a mouse most of the time

what if KDE but i3

like, the KDE integrations and ui chrome

but the i3 interactions

is that a thing

re: drugs 

what idiot called it "Hosted Elasticsearch Service" and not "Lucene in the Sky with Diamonds"

Sacrilegious, food 

​Well, a lot of people showed up for the climate march in Seattle today. I wish I had a clear sense of where this leads, but people turning up is better than it not happening.

bad ideas, drug-esque application of non-drugs 

@gdkar using patented Qualcomm ThinkSyncX technology to ensure your thinks are lagged by just as much as your fx chain

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