@natecull I'll see your 1990s rock band video game tie-in and raise you a 1980s rock band video game tie-in: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_

@PINE64 @avery maybe sign me up as a retailer and I'll let folks swing by the lab to try before they buy...hmmm... :blobthinkingcool:

the vm that is the toot-lab has now survived moves across four different hardware hosts, conversion across three hypervisors, and a change in disk format three times.

that is, in technical terms, not too fucking bad tbh.

good afternoon.

the toot-lab's migration has completed.

your :sidekiqman:​s are pummeling us appropriately.

I'll make sure everything's running ok and then I'll pull a prestige on the other copy of the toot-lab VM (which is now getting more and more stale as your :sidekiqman:s kick).

gonna let things catch up a bit and then I'll be around.



listen, universe, I've been good. I've put up with a lot. I don't require much. I'm just asking for one person to get federally indicted and have the last name Trump, for entertainment purposes only since I have zero faith in and support for the system itself. thanks in advance, rest of me, for your consideration of this small request.

music, drug mention 

hot take: The Derek Trucks Band was a better stoner jam band than any of the stoner jam bands were.

re: uspol, twitter link, cnn 

@poiseunderchaos it's a little like waiting to find out who shot JR!

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