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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab

Vitaly Chernobyl is stretched neck to look, she only unpacks Metamartians.

@grainloom istr it involving him driving a small Italian car Way Too Fast on some seaside cliffs as he leaned on his brand-new Jaguar XX-something

@djsundog i'd buy peter norton a beer just to watch him drink it with both arms crossed the entire time

John McAfee gave me a cigar once and I listened to one of his many tales for upwards of ten minutes before I walked away.

I'd buy Peter Norton a beer and listen to his tale.

@natecull blessed Peter Norton has saved you from peril in time of need yet again

playlist of rock songs with kids singing

I'm gonna put colored borders around all the link hitboxes of the touch interface of mastoweb so there's some graphical representation of how wide and unintuitive some of these linked objects are in actual use because wowzers