Inspired by @djsundog wondering why this phrase wasn't A Thing on Mastodon, I give you—

ROOTIN' TOOTIN', as drawn by @extinct!

Rootin' Tootin' can be found roaming the fediverse, scrabbling to collect the finest shitposts. Look, there's one under its paw! Aw!

I'm still not sure what gender, if any, Rootin' Tootin' is. Thoughts?

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suspect instance, mention of the n word, highkey racist ass shit, possible anti-Semitism Show more

🎶It's the, DEATH OF THE AUTHOR it's the thrill of the write,
Rising UP 'gainst the canon of the bible!
And the, LEAST of the readers gets their say in the fight,
'Cause experi'nce rules all it's the DEATH!

@iliana but we are hackers, we repurpose stuff all the time. I say go for it.

@iliana there should be an anonymous talk box to critique the operator in real-time over a speaker in the cab

it looks a lot smaller at this elevation

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