the onscreen keyboard works
the shells work
it's pretty
it makes sounds


electron is literally using 99% CPU on all four cores
electron is literally using 99% CPU on all four cores
electron is literally using 99% CPU on all four cores
electron is literally using 99% CPU on all four cores

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Would anyone be interested in a twitch stream doing the #pinephone vconn fix on my ubports edition?

@kelbot really looking forward to a little more polish hitting plasma mobile tbh (tho I'm also hoping for a fully functional Lune OS image one of these days)

Good morning from Sundogistani Mars Base #08675308 where we will be maintaining our airlock closed status today.

Hope our neighbor, Jen E., is safely sheltered, and hope you are, too. :blobpats:

still on the lookout for a desktop linux mail client that isn't complete ass UX on a mobile/touch form factor.

a recent firefox update seems to have made it so I get a blinking text insertion cursor in any text upon which I have clicked, whether it is editable or not. this is a suboptimal arrangement for my tastes.

@nick it definitely eliminates a couple of potential pain points (and this was a work-related call, so extra pain points weren't really something I wanted to deal with in the moment)


why, I never! this is the true tragedy of the commons!! harumph!!!


@nick I'm currently running a recent Mobian image (altho tweaked to run X and LXDE instead of Wayland and Phosh) and was using wired headphones with built-in mic

@jalcine I think we'll get there - at least one of the distros (ubtouch I believe) has a recovery partition/factory restore setup in place, and with some of the systems work I see getting done in terms of bootloaders and hardware support I'd imagine it's only a matter of time before they all gravitate towards one of a handful of solutions for that sort of functionality - exciting times!


@nethope @djsundog oh, it turns out cowsay accepts its text on stdin, so it's as simple as:
socat tcp6-listen:12345 system:cowsay

Q for Washington state folks 

Any socialist-y networks for someone in Kennewick WA? Have a friend wanting to do more but having trouble figuring out where to look if there’s anything already established.

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