@sydney @alex oof, now sounds too real. my emotions can't take this this early in my day.

Face mask 

Another week of survival, another #CreativeCommons re-release. Free to download, and/or use in a project if you can't afford to commission music for a project requiring audio.

You like despair, the nightmares of life beyond life, and horror punk with a musical composition focus, right? Of course! So listen to Coughing Out The Dying Embers Of Sickness.

- Bandcamp: osirissaline.bandcamp.com/albu
- Archive: archive.org/details/osirissali
- Blog: osirissaline.wordpress.com/202

#MastoAudio #CreativeToots #Music

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instead of senior living center why not Tavern of the Established Patron

i stand naked in the middle of the intersection, eyes raised to the burning light of the arbitrary brokenness of the laws of man 

My 3 y/o curated himself an eclectic dance party before bath-time, picking things out from the record crate :-)

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