@djsundog Yep! I was avidly reading the details about graphic programming on it. OFC this is something from another era, but it's a sobering thought that it took HTML5 more than two decades to emerge, powering browsers that only recently have learned to trace vector graphics on <canvas>.
The 4010 model was released in 1972, merely four years after Engelbart's celebrated demo. Since the w3c was founded, it took the web 24 years more to come up with vector graphics.

We can do sooo much better.

This booklet is weird, it's like a capitalist scavenger hunt. If you use four coupons in a week (and get a stamp from each of the businesses) you get entered to win a 100 dollar gift card. Surreal.

@emsenn @jorty it was an impressive level of chaos in our rural upstate school that was wholly unprepared to be affected by the rabble rousing Post

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@emsenn @jorty it was an article exposing the rampant theft and resale of the state finals ahead of time - there was only one test that the entire state took. Copies were going for up to $2k each, so the Post decided to equalize the playing field for one test to make the State Regents take action.

I just found a very old video I made of a prototype of the mastodon content warning system, back when I thought about it in terms of how spoilers are done on TV Tropes youtube.com/watch?v=0Y3T6Xz5h7

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@jorty my high school chemistry final got canceled because the answer key was printed on the front page of the New York Post the morning we were supposed to take the test. We were ahead of our time really.

In other news, all AP high school classes are now about ActivityPub, as was foretold.

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