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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab


alexa, show me said freezers that will also allow for 99% vacuum containment

alexa, show me standing freezers whose internal capacity will allow for a standard open frame half cabinet

@aschmitz of course, we rent, so if there was too much shame we could up and move

@aschmitz that's my current methodology - I have five 8-port gigE switches spread around now. It's just messy.

heading up to the Seattle Keyboard Meetup next week. any others in the area I can expect to see there?

Now I'm realizing a couple of well placed punchdown panels would makeup life a lot nicer :thonkpad:

@aschmitz one day my lab will move to a dedicated freestanding structure and I will have one machine in the corner that will read and write every format the rest of the stuff needs, and I will paint it a deep silky red, and its hostname will be etta

@djsundog If for some reason I can't read some piece of media, there's a good chance you'll be among my first contacts. 🙂​ (But I'm good for... floppies of most variants (not 8"), ZIP, CD, DVD, BluRay, PATA, SATA, and haven't really run into a need for others, or my collection would be bigger. 😉​)

I've posted about this before (maybe on birdsite) but I just got such a good example of it that I want to revisit it:
My phone camera (and likely many others) happens to have a maximum framerate of 60 Hz, and an adjustable exposure time. This, combined with the horizontal scan of the image data being shifted off the sensor, can produce an awesome time-domain image of a room that happens to be lit by lights that flash at 60 Hz, like LEDs driven by US mains AC power.

DirOps also thought that I had planned to acquire other routing hardware, it seems, so I will keep this in mind as an implicit purchase order approval in my next budgetary meeting.

DirOps did request a relocation of the primary WAP to a location that does not include her bedside nightstand, so that relo has been fast-tracked into this maintenance window as well.

I have received full approval from the director of operations to implement my network upgrades in a maintenance window starting at 0700 UTC-8 tomorrow, possibly extending through no later than 2000 UTC-8 with a rollback plan requiring less than ten minutes to enact and previously tested by all team members involved in the procedure.