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DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab

@tom duct tape turns any SM57 into a contact mic

@tom mic up a cat and just use whatever gets recorded

I hear your voice everywhere
It's :blobpats:
Making me look back over my shoulder
:blobpats: are started all over

@er1n @elomatreb which is funny considering the purpose of the punycoded page was to prevent such foolings lol

It's pretty terrible knowing there's a creature in our woods, knocking over ancient trees, snatching away our fellow villagers in the night, etc. etc. No one's denying that. It's awful.

I'm just saying... there's credible reports the thing has a saddle on it. THAT'S the part I'm saying is hilarious. Someone got a saddle on that dark beast! What skill! What hubris! What a monument to dreams!

I hope they managed to ride it, at least once, before the end.

@iliana I hope Jeff's balls treat you well today and do not tax you unduly

@iliana I am no longer proximate to Jeff's balls but had I known you'd be going to Jeff's balls today I would have lingered around Jeff's balls a bit longer. Maybe next time!

Anyone hiring software engineers? Looking for remote opportunities. Most of my work experience is in C# and SQL but I can work in whatever language is called for (love Python, F#, JavaScript, and Elm). Mostly just looking for a healthier work culture.

@thegibson @aeonofdiscord Dick no longer longed to respond once he found the quality animes

@vertigo the same is true about my blood yet the datacenter always cuts me - I think we're being duped by somebody.

@djsundog Wait, is it like Rampage? but behind some windows there are illicit drugs that depower you, and others have coffee that boost you?

whoever made this "no cofe in datacenters" rule is a jerkface

@thegibson I'm about to eat a significant portion of Seattle, obviously ;)