"the iPod was one of the first times Apple showed up and did what we now think of as their standard move — they made The Apple Version®. [...] The iPod was really good."

i wish we weren't so quick to paint halos on everyone in the name of glorifying tech history.

nomad & archos may not be remembered now, but when the first ipod came out, it was unarguably the worst music player of the bunch.

- store more than a few albums? no

- be used on a bike without staring at the screen or weird little wheel? no

@ajroach42 @Ethancdavenport we'll need to set up a residency and have @Ricardus come down and do some of his studio-grade audio builds with us

@Ethancdavenport @ajroach42 this will also make it easier for us to fabricate our own a/v gear as needed - be handy to be able to knock together a passable video switcher from components, etc.

@Ethancdavenport @ajroach42 we will put together a multi-cam table rig here right soon ;)

and I have lots of good starter soldering type projects (the RC2014 boards are pretty good for this honestly) we can do together, if'n ya wanna

@Ethancdavenport @ajroach42 I've got a veritable cornucopia of RC2014-ish projects I've wanted to get to at some point, like fabricating a Kaypro 2 style case, but scaled down to more of a lunchbox/briefcase sized unit...


@Ethancdavenport assembles my new framework laptop.

I've used this as a daily driver for about a week now, and I really dog the travel on the keys and the bright high res screen.

Word of warning, make sure your distro of choice is on kernel 5.12 (like ubuntu 21.10)

@djsundog Still holding out hope for a crossover The Duran The Duran project


there's a new The The album dropping on October 29th.

"The Comeback Special" recorded live in Royal Albert Hall in 2018.



@pixouls international hiring and payroll is an entire extra level of complexity then, and if the company doesn't have that part already figured out you're probably in line for a lot of frustration on top of the other downsides then, unfortunately.

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