the hash gods continue to frown upon my endeavor to acquire an eleven character prefixed vanity v3 onion address.

I am not discouraged.

@codl no make it impossible instead codl. and hurry this guy won't shut up.

Concept: a #progrock band called 'Cygnus' where all the members dress up like the humanoid crew members in 'The Black Hole'

in fact, I dare say Quincy Jones is incapable of making a waltz that is not hip. I do not believe he can turn the hip off. permahip.

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how discovery works on social networks:

  1. decide what topic you are interested in finding accounts to follow that may have relevant content.

  2. publish a public post mentioning something about that topic that would generally elicit a response.

  3. add any account that responds to your post to a list about that topic.

  4. repeat for as many topics as you have interests.

this algorithm supersedes all previous discovery mechanisms. thank.

@Thomas I am not going to be the one to introduce your wife to the golden asshat statue at cpac

I need to unbrick my pinewatch at some point but I haven't felt like prying off the back I superglued on

I will never have a valid subscription for this server, proxmox. get over it already.

when i was a kid in the '80s i received an armatron toy robot arm

got bored of making it pick up stuff so i took it apart to see how it worked (which was awesome!)

but i took no notes and it was chock fulla gears so i couldn't reassemble it

parent was super angry that i intentionally broke the new expensive toy

but even as young as i was, i knew:

the parts inside were made from brightly colored plastic, meaning they totally intended for kids to take it apart

so i did nothing wrong 😤

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