only a matter of time before I add an led strip controlled by octopi to provide lighting for the webcam huh

@dokuja their "distributors" page does not inspire confidence tbh but if I could get them stateside I'd mount one on top of the printer just in case (inside the (currently non-existent) enclosure)

Has anyone seen any constant current DC buck modules that accept a 5V input voltage, or a 60V one? I can only find ones that take 7-30V in. Designing my own would cost a lot more than buying one. #making

@djsundog yepppp

the main problem with large-scale inert gas fire extinguishers is that people are also technically a kind of fire

@ellies first time I went to a datacenter back in the day with a halon fire extinguisher system and they explained the safety procedures I was sure they were pulling my leg. then I gained enlightenment. and fear. pretty much simultaneously.

sure, you now need a fire extinguisher pointed at each fire extinguisher, but eventually your coverage pattern should converge so you can stop buying fire extinguishers

wish there were more abc fire extinguishers with easily-actuated-by-relays triggers

ooh, I bet one of my stormcases with some desiccant would be perfect filament storage for now (and I have four not-in-use stormcases, so probably for the foreseeable future)

also need to get that 128gb usb stick attached to the octopi formatted and mounted for storage of models and webcam data - might go so far as to move the whole filesystem over from the microSD card so I don't get pissed when the microSD card inevitably dies.

at some point tomorrow I plan on setting up a git repo on my gitea server for all the prints I do and their gcode for my printer(s), along with their source files and licenses when distributable.

I'll let y'all know when it's available

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