the smooth soulful sounds left over from yesterday's funk are fantastic but not what I'm needing this morning, so expect something a little more to start spinning on SPR momentarily.

got worlds to build, dontcha know

funk me, it's funky friday and I've been neglecting the

I should oughtta fix that

Funky Friday finally found!

Gonna be today with Jamiroquai whilst I try and Get Shit Done.

I hope your corner of the world finds you well.


I believe we own the entirety of the thoughtspace as evidenced by a cursory glance at a major search engine that rhymes with flugel, so good job, fellow denizens of the 'verse

Today is going to require extra helpings of that tasty to carry me through.

Okay, a new iteration for

I toot from the toot-lab, my tiny shack on the edge of the fediverse. I blather on about and and and and :blobpats: with a semi-regular display of and

You can follow along with my listening habits in real-time over on @nowplaying if you are interested.

Welcome to the fediverse. Pull up a comfy seat.


it is possible that "Maybe Your Baby" by Stevie Wonder in nineteen hundred and seventy-two was the epicenter

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