I believe we own the entirety of the thoughtspace as evidenced by a cursory glance at a major search engine that rhymes with flugel, so good job, fellow denizens of the 'verse

Today is going to require extra helpings of that tasty to carry me through.

Okay, a new iteration for

I toot from the toot-lab, my tiny shack on the edge of the fediverse. I blather on about and and and and :blobpats: with a semi-regular display of and

You can follow along with my listening habits in real-time over on @nowplaying if you are interested.

Welcome to the fediverse. Pull up a comfy seat.


it is possible that "Maybe Your Baby" by Stevie Wonder in nineteen hundred and seventy-two was the epicenter

Fair warning: @nowplaying​ is going to be heavy on the today thanks to @Altruest, @Nezchan​, and @c1t7 getting me back on my shit this morning.


that would be fun, bend a big old organ in place, repurposing switches and lamps and circuits for one's own nefarious auditory purposes, some arduino jumpered in tastefully here and there, until it was the ultimate wraparound console

fun fact: I mentally cast all of you in the music videos my mind's eye watches while I'm pumping the into my earholes.

An album of full of weird fat synths that are actually just a bunch of people singing weird fat synth sounds through filters.

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