Stepping away from the for a few, but here are some shots from other angles - please excuse the mess ;p

The 'decke's rail-like construction makes it oddly comfortable to use cross-legged.

The buck converters and 9-DOF breakout board for the arrived early so maybe I'll get it fully portable tomorrow

Got my PoE PTZ camera back to a functional state, now I just have to figure out where I want to mount it in the lab.

If I am in the lab and listening to Jamiroquai you can assume I am dancing like Chappy Sinclair in "Iron Eagle"

MC OEM ODM's English language website makes their philosophy clear.

Proud to add another tome to my "From The Fediverse" shelf, this time authored by our own @mwlucas!

(prismatic cover art courtesy of a prism and the sun)

Sundog needs to send a letter and source a 9-track tape drive.

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