Good morning.

Today I will continue tweaking my cutting edge environment using ultra modern X11

Well, @rosalind printed a fine PETG Benchy at 0.2mm and adhered so well to the glass that I left the bottom two layers behind removing it without tools, so, still some work on that first layer position, but otherwise, pretty 👍

if the dovetail joints are axially symmetric you can just pass them off as a fancy design detail, right?

starting to get enough of the hang of openscad to say I feel pretty comfortable putting together some semi-complicated designs for 3d printing and it's fun as heck tbh

also in the new arrivals box, this cute lil four-port usb hub for pi zero, piggybacking some pogo pins on the underside of the pi for inline stacking goodness

After replacing the mainboard, the hotend, and the x-axis carriage, as well as relocating the z endstop and making it adjustable, the MP Select Mini is back in operation (just in time to print the spacer parts I spaced on printing for @rosalind's BLTouch modification - whoops!)

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