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This is the time of year when Papa Sundog starts gearing up to make cookies with the grandkids.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, that won't be happening this year.

Fucked around and make some chocolate chocolate chip cookies to soothe my sighing soul.

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big congrats to canada for taking control of the upper peninsula of michigan without bloodshed.

Gave @rosalind a new set of belts so I'm doing a quick test print before I get to other test prints.

New belts are much quieter! I feel like I've chosen well.

Whilst I wait for the first test print, I decided to dust off the Axis PTZ camera, so now I can watch @rosalind spray plastic against a wall that moves slightly away every now and again.

arch linux arm on my has working hdmi out using the usb-c dock - huzzah!

time for me to banish phosh and get myself some alternate desktop environments goin' again!

Came with extensive liner notes (yet to be transcribed by yours truly, but it'll happen) and a reproduction of the original concert poster included in the CD.

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mastodon, why you gotta elide away the final 'm' in stream with three dots that are wider than the 'm' would have been?

Good morning.

Today I will continue tweaking my cutting edge environment using ultra modern X11

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