blatantly stolen from twitter user CatWorkers for your enjoyment in the fediverse.

cc @alex

USB storage is a go on the as long as I use partitions smaller than 32 MB each apparently

Ukraine war, photo of combatant 

This is Anton, one of my co-workers who is Ukrainian. We haven't gotten to work together since Russia invaded but he wanted us to know he was thinking about us.

I hate that this is what his life is like now.

still cannot access either of the attached devices but at least I am making progress since our can now see the two drives connected over usb via the NetUSBee on the expansion port

meanwhile, a few doors down from the computer lab, a couple of our members are getting set up for a livestream performance from our video studio later tonight

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been holding down the front desk at the makerspace this afternoon so I decided to straighten up the computer lab that I have a tendency of leaving in chaotic states. should be much more approachable for use now.

Once you've got your chord progression entered and select play, the software applies rules defined for the selected style and generates MIDI tracks for piano, bass, and drums which it proceeds to send from the built-in MIDI out port, in this case to our Alesis QS6.

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This particular version runs on Atari ST home computers, like our recently acquired Atari STacy.

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Long before Apple Computers released GarageBand, way back in the 1980s, there was Band-in-a-Box™️

good morning.

reverb dot com done got me again.

I swear I don't need any more basses now.


good morning.

back to $daygig today, but still riding the high of a weekend of great music with my friends.

woke up and remembered that I took a picture during setup for Saturday's show.


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