Another #PinebookPro screenshot, featuring Krita (which I do not use because I am not a good at drawing or painting really) showing a photo of the OEM setup from installing the Manjaro ARM image

tired: buying the cheapest micro sd card you can find

wired: buying the micro sd card with the best price to performance ratio you can find

inspired: buying the micro sd card that looks the least like any micro sd card you already own

Oh, last bit of #PinebookPro stuff for this morning:

if you've been interested in the ANSI keyboard version and were dismayed by an oddly placed Delete key and/or \ key, do not fret: that's an older image of the layout. according to lukasz, this is the actual keyboard deck:

Have a screenshot of my KDE session along with the battery charge graph over the last 12 hours courtesy of KInfocenter.

Currently reporting 1h34m remaining at 27% battery life (although I bet that'd drop quickly at the end if I let it go that far)


2 hrs hooked up via usb-c to a usb charger took the #PinebookPro from 19% battery to 80% battery, so now I've got it turned on again, but still charging, this time using my Marshall speaker as a power source.

Pinebook Pro Portastudio? Possibly!

(LMMS running a silly thrown together loop with a few effects enabled)

well, the answer was 'yes, caffeinated enough'.

unfortunately, the NVMe adapter kit isn't as ready as I am. looks like I'll be waiting for an updated kit from pine64 before increasing the storage.

Here are a couple photos of the disconnected adapter - the ribbon would need some pretty serious folds to come close to fitting in place. additionally, the trackpad is warped when the adapter is in place, so, yeah. nah. not today.


The toot-lab, youtube, htop, and visual studio code running under KDE Plasma on Ubuntu Bionic on my #PinebookPro - not shabby!

Finally got KDE on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS running on my #PinebookPro via microSD card after a few false starts.

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