I am humbled and terrified to be adding this tome of dark artistry, brought forth by the pen of @mwlucas, to my lab library. May my example as I descend further into madness somehow save you.

And more mail!

My wonderful friend @pamela not only sent me the flan stickers I had requested but also this gorgeous watercolor featuring Callahan's Law and it made my heart swell and my eyes water - a most treasured gift, my friend 💜

Ooh, mail!

I got this zine that @menziesii made just for me and it's awesome - it made me both think and feel and I really dig it, and I dig sharing the memory 💜

Remember, friends, now more than ever: use proper safety gear when building the future. Preventable accidents are an unnecessary strain on our health care systems right now.

cw: eye contact

Finally cobbled together the right combination of parts from RaffoSan's camera mounting system to please me. For now, anyway. Thanks for the tip, @sungo

I have been informed that my hardcover copy of the #networknomicon has shipped and is en route to my location with an expected delivery on this coming Tuesday.

Get your own here: aerbook.com/maker/productcard-

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