Tapping the "reader mode" icon in firefox while logged into the toot-lab results in an anonymized scribble wall and I think that's beautiful.

Moving all my old media files that have been stashed in Google Drive by all my android devices for lo these many years and just saw this pic of Bryce that I figured @pamela probably needed in her life. (CW: eye contact)

Taking pictures of the things I'm doing makes my camera photo folder like a reminder that I actually do stuff between failing to do stuff and I like it.

Ahh, uart is live on Android boot, at least through u-boot to the starting of the kernel - should have some useful addresses

(bonus shot of shoddy serial connectivity (header pins are in transit))

Well, this is not very far at all so far, but here's a RK3328 linux image failing to boot on the RK3318 box (but uart works and u-boot is trying)

Primary goal for the day is definitely feasible.

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you this photo of the first pear harvest of the year in Sundogistan, which also happens to be about double of all other years combined.

I swear it's better than it was.

Also, off-camera is a dense region of dark entropy.

Detail shots of:

  • the button to trigger reflashing the board over usb hiding behind the back end of the audio/composite video TRRS connector

  • four holes whomst should be uart for boot-time serial output goodness

Here's the other android box they sent, the X96H - allwinner H603 quad-core, 32gb emmc, 4gb ram, 10/100, wifi, bt, ir, sdcard, USB, and hdmi (2.0a) out but also has an hdmi (1.4) in to pass another input through, which is nifty (and probably not software addressable)

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