good morning.

since @DoctorDeathray and the Implements of Destruction have three gigs coming up in June I decided to get us some IEMs

had a new visitor to the cabin today while I was at the 'space.

seems like a cool neighbor.

It's Saturday and Analog Revolution is once again going to Put On A Show tonight at the Gilmer Arts Playhouse in beautiful downtown Ellijay GA!

If you're in the southeastern US and looking for a fun night out come join us! Tickets are $10 at the door, but I'll buy you a ticket if you're interested but strapped.

it's a nice looking board, and in true Tascam fashion it's also a standalone multitrack recorder, and it exposes the individual channels over usb for DAW goodness. should do everything I'll need.

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get you a man as secure with being a man as Herbie Mann, man.

image cw: contains a lot of Herbie Mann

also bid on a cd copy of the Black Arc Sampler from 1994 - that's the label Zillatron's album was released on, run by Bill Laswell - and should win by tomorrow since the cat has relisted it about a dozen times.

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so I managed to prevent myself from buying that custom seven-string bass I mentioned this weekend... allowing myself to get this Ibanez six-string bass that was much more reasonably priced

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