Now testing a Sabrent 256gb NVMe module, and have hopefully convinced it to go as easy on the amps as it can without just doing nothing.

Currently dd'ing the (unbooted) image on /dev/mmcblk1 (the 128gb emmc module) to /dev/nvme0n1 (the NVMe module) on battery power - so far so good

All right - lineage 17.1, based on android 10, does indeed run on nexus 7 2013.

Another google device has been de-googled.

So far so good!

Hopefully the power management setting I changed makes it stop dying on battery, or else I'm gonna have to find another NVMe to use :(

tl;dr version: it looks like I have a functional NVMe drive in my #PinebookPro without any trackpad interference, having folded the ribbon cable, using a little tape, and ignoring two mounting screws.

Longer description of the process and my hacky technique in a blog post (!) at some point this weekend, after I finish setting it up, but have some errands to run right now.

Use enough barrel connector pairs to connect a hinged lid to, say, a DIY laptop or 'decke and one can have a healthy number of signals connected with a large arc for positioning while still allowing simple detachment (as long as all the plugs point in the same direction and have a plug' s width between them).

TRS and TRRS are also fun options, for when one needs even moar signals!

Mix and match if you want - have fun with it!

Enduring and versatile.

Two of these are likely destined for some quality time on my RC2014.

Think it's pretty neat that in 2020 you can buy a laptop with the intention of running RISC OS, of all things, on it.

Whoa, I lowercased at CP/M

In other news, it seems that the high bank of RAM in my #rc2014 is just peachy, as is the CompactFlash module.


Went ahead and knocked out one of the non-essential yet eminently satisfying module for my #rc2014 system - I'm happy to introduce the Digital I/O module, featuring eight green LEDs as outputs and eight pushbuttons as inputs.

Now I'm just waiting for the replacement RAM PCB and I'll be able to fire it up!

May have taken most of the day to get to, but I have now completed the dual clock module for my #rc2014 system!

Sure, you may have overclocking options, but you ain't got nothing like this...

Still waiting on that replacement PCB for my #rc2014 but went ahead and got the dual serial module done today (after numerous surprise yaks showed up for a shave and a haircut)

Hello, yes, good morning.

I regret to inform you that I have fallen in love with a piece of concept hardware Panasonic brought to CES, and I am simultaneously heartbroken knowing it's unlikely to ever be produced en masse.

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