extremely Iron Chef America competitor voice: for this next course, I decided to really embrace the theme of "state of the art" by preparing this deconstructed #soundslab for you. I think you'll find that tonight's secret ingredient, the raspberry pi zero, really shines through. Enjoy.

Might have changed my mind - the UPS might get the place of honor, because if I remove this header I can wire it back by hand and get some extra thinness, maybe. I'll play with it.

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Yeah, this'll've made for a sweet lookin portable digital audio player by the time I'm done with it - good work @rosalind

Today in the new acquisition department, a trio of imports - "Celia & Johnny", "The Essential Ben Sidran", and Wendy and Lisa's "Fruit at the Bottom" special edition disc.

remember how I got that box of CDs that looked like an intern lifted them from inventory at a distributor?

one of them is autographed :blobeyes:

Three nights of Tedeschi Trucks Band performing live in Tokyo last June, lovingly bootlegged on six compact discs for my listening pleasure.

Looking forward to ripping this and giving it a listen later today after $daygig is done kicking me in the head.

ahh yes, that weird overlap of time where corporations still didn't really have a grasp on the internet yet, when artifacts like this survey card were produced to be filled by hand and mailed in, despite listing two email addresses that one could contact instead.

Big fediverse energy coming from this collection of Russian clavichords of the 18th century

san francisco, protests 

Seattle, protests 

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