seriously tho yall shits decide to add stuff like vertical languages to unicode and now my font renderer is longer by like 5ksloc

@er1n human languages (and human people for that matter) are complicated ok

@djsundog @jk @impiaaa @er1n just tell everyone using non-latin scripts to just suck it up and deal with ASCII characters?

7 bits ought to be enough for everyone, right?

@calvin @jk @djsundog @er1n @impiaaa Seriously, bring back UTF-7. It beats Quoted-Printable, and it certainly beats Base64 encoding across the board.

@samis @calvin @impiaaa @djsundog @jk @er1n UTF-EBCDIC actually exists.

Mind you, even IBM prefers to use UTF-16.

@Elizafox @samis @calvin @impiaaa @djsundog @jk @er1n Wikipedia says it's most similar to code page 1047.

That's actually a bit odd, as 37 is the one IBM usually uses for the US. (1047 contains the same characters, it's just 5 of them are swapped around.)

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