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im trying to think of some interesting 3d shapes. for instance: tree stump. staircase. coin

@djsundog when i was about 11 i borrowed a laptop from my neighbour and it had windows 95 installed on it, and a cartoon Angus Young Desktop Buddy. you could click on him and he'd let u send email, like clippy or soethinng. but cliippy couldnt do a duckwalk

@djsundog im trying to find pictures or info about it but it seems like its lost to history??? what the fuck

@jk @djsundog the stuff you described felt familiar but the gif on the bottom of that page immediately threw me back to being like 6 years old holy fuck

@wakest @jk @djsundog ~ Prepares the altar ~

The old allegiances have not been forgotten

I shall summon also Netscape and Alta Vista

@bgcarlisle @wakest @jk @djsundog

Dammit... you sent me down an Aussie Rabbit Hole first thing in the morning...