big reason i hate js: no structure, and i need structure to think effectively

@er1n last time i used js it was an asynchronous hell. its like a joke programming language

@jk @er1n and the asynchronous parts don't even work. it's like they wnet, "who needs closures anyway??"

@impiaaa @jk "hmmm uhhh what do you mean, 'using actual modern cs research in async programming'"

@jk @impiaaa "we just added function callbacks to everything and it doesn't block now, it's async and good"

@er1n @jk and also I forget who said it but, it's like the node developers added function callbacks to everything, called it "asynchronous" and a new way of programming, when in reality they had just reinvented cooperative multitasking. you know, like before OSs were developed?

@djsundog @jk @impiaaa everyone loves cooperative multitasking, a multitasking system that lets workloads inform scheduling!
*five minutes later* we regret to inform you cooperative multitasking lets any process eat your CPU whole!

@djsundog @er1n @jk @impiaaa love too live in the glorious multicore future where everything has to run single-threaded because we couldn't figure out how to make a concurrent javascript vm

@aeonofdiscord @djsundog @er1n @jk and then they introduce multicore performance features only to promptly disable them because of a CPU bug

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