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if it were up to me i would just mail cash monies to people instead of patreon and all the "facilitators" and "enablers" and "gateways" could go hang


I mean, that was always an option, it's just hard to scale unless you're a church or a big non-profit.

@knightly so what we really need is a creator discovery platform and a handbook for how to open a post office box in various parts of the world!


Heh, that defeats the whole point of having a platform in the first place, to streamline the process and make it easy for people to support creators and creators to engage their supporters as possible.

DJ Sundog - from the toot-lab

@knightly okay, so we need a discovery and engagement platform for creators, where they can each personalize their interactions with their supporters. we can call it "my space"

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@djsundog So long as it has some kind of address book with a list of creators, what they're making, pictures of them and their creations, what-have you.

A "Face Book" if you will~