These shortened crisp yet sunny mid-October days take on the flavor of a passionate love affair that has begun to wind down, reminding me that I will need to keep my ownfire stoked most diligently lest I fall victim to the coming dark winter's depression that is even now beginning to awaken from its summer slumbers.

I feel like summer is for going and doing, and winter is for thinking and making.

@djsundog stoke on! It's hopeful that you remembered and can imagine ahead to what kindness your future self might benefit from.

@djsundog Changing seasons bring both opportunity for renewal and the dangers of the unknown. I hope you find anchors to stay steady through the lessening light of days ahead.

@djsundog I love #selfcarestories, that seems so worthwhile.

Here's mine. Yesterday in the middle of all too much, I went for the first swim of the summer. The water was so cold, but glassy clear. I realised how much I needed to make time for the ocean in my life. You can't multitask it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about keeping our own fires going.

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